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I want to talk about the consequences of what was mentioned yesterday in the topic about the Church. I want to talk about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. It certainly means more than being a student at a polytechnic university, university, or doing a PhD. A disciple of Jesus Christ goes far beyond all the disciples of this world. Far away. The disciples of this world only reach for the visible, while the disciple of Jesus reaches for the invisible and he learns to move there thanks to the One Who is invisible. Jesus' disciples must have spiritual eyes that can see beyond the physical sight. They must see God who, in his great love, sends us Jesus Christ to save us. They must see Jesus who, full of love, does the will of the Father and comes here to this earth to do what the Father wants, to make us His disciples, becoming our Master and, therefore, our role model. And then he goes to the Father to now control the whole situation through his Holy Spirit present here, through the Spirit of Christ. And we are disciples who with great respect, with great commitment, even more than in the schools of this world, listen to and follow their Teacher. Better still than a cow that had grass before it swallows it and then puts it in, we digest every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord. Am I talking about us or some other school? If not, then we must convert, because at the moment we are talking about the disciples of Jesus Christ. About those who are not like wolves, who swallow their food quickly without relishing it as if it was not worth it. I am talking about sheep that can chew, they can enjoy it, they can grind this food so finely that every bit of it is valuable to them.

         If I won't talk about us anymore, let's say it openly and then we'll take another book, e.g. an old book from the polytechnic (maybe you have one?) And then we'll put another teacher here, let him teach us. Or so? But if we want Jesus to teach us, we must leave all faculties, all schools. They won't help much here. The wisdom of this world cannot reach what I am going to read about. Here we need a spiritual man, a man born of the Spirit, a man who has an idea of ​​what it means to be a disciple of Christ. A man who has an idea of ​​what it means to get into this school, knowing that it is better than getting into the best school on this earth. It is even more. Or so?

         We go further. We got into this school for free, we didn't have to pay anything. This is the most important and interesting school and it's free. In the schools of this world, the higher the school is, the higher the fees they charge. You get free at this school. Few appreciate it, because if it's free, they say that it's not worth learning. They don't even take notes, they don't do it at home later, they don't learn to recognize it, they don't read the book they've been given. And they only got one book, the Bible. In schools, there are usually a number of books and they change every year, and here one for the whole life. You can learn it exactly. Penetrate it all and see what our Master requires of us. Truth? It is not complicated. But somewhere there is a problem, someone is interrupting. Someone wants to disturb you and tells you, even though you don't hear it: "What do you need this for? Will it give you something? Will you buy a car or a field with it?" After all, no one is going to pay you for reading this Bible now and making it so that you know what is written in Moses, Samuel, and Jeremiah, and the Gospel of John and Revelation. That you will crush it so much, because it will be important for you to know what your Master and your Father, God in heaven, said to you, so that you would know what pleases him and how to live in order to qualify in this school higher and higher and above, year after year. You won't get acquaintances there. You will not make a cheat sheet there, you have no chance. The devil will test you and won't let you go any further. It will hold on to you, and the longer you allow it to hold on, the harder it will be for you to move on later because you will have longer difficulty moving. You will freeze, you will stiffen.

          You must be a man who follows Jesus and who is constantly developing according to His plan, then everything in you will function normally and even after thirty years of Christianity you will be even more strong, even happier, even more in love and you will be even less visible . Because this is being a disciple where you die, and you see Jesus more and more in you. This is how you learn. You learn something that takes you away and exposes your Lord to light, outside.


         I think that since we all went to the water of baptism, we confessed: "I want to learn from my Lord Jesus Christ. I want to be a student who really wants to run and win, who does not want to be the last in this school, to sit somewhere in the last bench and blink his eyes as if he knew. " But when you ask him "what am I talking about", he will say: "you know, I've only been a believer for six years, I don't need to know all things." Six years is a lot. After two years, you can already know this Bible literally, almost by heart, when you diligently study it.

         I started this way because I think many do not appreciate this school, that many do not appreciate being enrolled in the school of Jesus Christ. They take it as a last bit, thinking, "I'll learn this later." Everything else is more important, and it must be now. And in this school, it is later, at the end, when there is no more strength, how tired, when my eyes are already closing. And you know what God said to Jeremiah: "If you give me what is most precious, not what is oversized, then you will get what you need."

         Thanks to the Holy Spirit, I would very much like to give a real rank in our hearts to the fact that we have been included in the list of the Lamb, the list of Jesus Christ's disciples, after today's word. May we find in it great honor and great happiness that it was God who took us to this school, not someone there. You. The Lord may take someone there, too, but now he has taken you, you know it. Take it for yourself. Don't let anyone tell you this is just any school. See, life shows you this is not just any school. When you don't learn the Word of God and grow in it and give in to the Holy Spirit, see what your condition is like. What is your happiness, what joy, what delight, what consequence, what courage, what wisdom, what looking for peace, what help, what care for each other? If you do not give in to it, do not be surprised that it looks like this? That it is in a shabby condition. Like a student who does not study at school and does not even know what the teacher is talking about, because he did not study the topic at all and would not know what to answer if the teacher were to ask him about it. It is even worse when Jesus Christ has a student in his school who neglects himself, who does not use time, who wastes that time in laziness, and thinks that he will get to eternity just because he is at all. Even in the schools of this world it should be so that you do not get higher just because you are in the class, but you have to know what has been taught and pass the exam. All the more, in the school of life, you will not get higher without taking the daily exam. It's very important for us.

         I hope you can at least nod that you agree with me, even though it may hurt you. But if you feel that you haven't done it to Jesus, think about it, is it right, should it be? And then you must say that there is something wrong with the One who paid for you on the cross, that something is wrong with the Friend who loved you to the end, that something is wrong with the One who paid the highest price, so that you don't have to die forever. That He is more to us than even all those people who have positions in this world but who would never be able to redeem us from our sins. They would never be able to pay our debt to God even if they collected all the treasures of this world.

         Let us turn to 2 Corinthians 8, verses 1-5:

         “And we inform you, brethren, of the grace of God shown to the Macedonian congregations that in spite of the many tribulations that put them to the test, their extraordinary joy and extreme poverty have turned into an extraordinary riches of their self-sacrifice; because as far as possible - I can testify it - yes, beyond all possible, spontaneously, with insistent insistence asking for this grace from us so that they could participate in the work of mercy for the saints, and beyond our expectations, they even gave themselves first to the Lord, and then to us, for God's will ".

See how they wanted it, how much they wanted to dedicate themselves to the Lord and the Church. They wanted and asked for it. There was no need to drag them saying to them: "do something man, you are in the Church, try to do something for this Church, it would be appropriate to do something good." They themselves pleaded, Paul had a beautiful problem with them. They followed him and said, "Paul, you must take it, you must take it, there is a desire in our hearts to help the Church, you must do it." They belonged first to the Lord with all their heart, and then to the Church. They loved Jesus and they loved the Church. They saw that they are one, by one name, Jesus Christ, united to all believers on the face of the earth. And when they found out there was a problem, they wanted to do everything about it, even though they were poor. They were ready to help beyond measure and God gave them His good. They chose, they chose the best they could choose, they chose Jesus and the Church. They gave themselves and gained the most at this point.

They must have seen something, right? They must have seen that it was of great value if they were ready to strive for it so earnestly. And I think it is of great importance for us to see this value. See how it is worth living for Jesus, how it is worth taking care of what is pleasing to Jesus. How is it worth taking care of what is pleasing to him also in the Church? How is it worth pursuing, because it has the highest value.

         John 15:12, 13.

         “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. (13) No one has greater love than this, as when someone lays down his life for his friends ”.

         This is how Jesus Christ directs the word to the disciples. As we talked about the Church, every piece is important in the Church, every piece works for the whole body.

         Jesus says: "My disciples, little by little, love one another so much that you would be ready to lay down your life for one another, one another." In this school, we go through different experiences. In this school, learning goes with experience. Therefore, we must love one another, so that we may endure each other in all trials and that we may be ones who give ourselves first to the Lord and then to the Church. We love the Lord and love the Church. That's how it is at school.

         At the schools of this world, people try to figure out what they can do to help one another. They use the methods of this world, cheat sheets, some ways to convey a message to someone, so they help themselves. In the Church it has a greater value because it is a holy helping, pure helping, helping with all my heart, as myself. As for Jesus. That is why it is so important that everyone perseveres in this school to the end, because whoever perseveres to the end will be where his Master is. We, then, all want to stay in the school of Jesus, we all want to grow one another by helping one another in a pure way. We know the cheat sheet won't really help at this school. One for the other won't do the trick. You have to deal with it yourself, you have to learn it yourself, you have to forge it yourself and give the Holy Spirit a heart to arrange it in your heart. You have to stand by the Lord, and then when you come to the congregation for the congregation, you come as a disciple of Jesus, confessing His name and praising Him for it.

         This is the recommendation for all students. Let me tell you why it is so important. Because in this body the members must interact in love with each other. They have to, because all of us who are in this school clean ourselves of different things, different things. And we have to support each other in it, but we can never smooth it all down to another and say, "You don't have to worry about it, others will take care of you, others will take care of it for you. There are the elders and let them take care of you. everything, even the entrance to heaven. " They won't. Even if I took the apostle Paul by the hand, he would not bring me there, he would let me go and say, "Cursed, because you did not love Jesus." As he said to the Corinthians, "cursed is everyone who does not love Jesus." He would be honest because he is a disciple and follower of one Lord.

         But when we all hold to Jesus, when we hold onto Him to be pure, holy, and blameless, we will go there and we will enter there. Let's learn this word, let's not be wasters. How many sermons, how many teachings, how many messages from God that told you that it is pleasing to the Lord have you heard in your life? How much of it is kept in the heart? Are we not wasters, are we not lighthearted, are we not people who lightly appreciate the words we read in the Bible? Why? Because we lack a teaching that would reliably show us Christ. And many today do not really see Jesus, they do not see the highest purpose in this.

         We want to fix our eyes on Jesus, we want to fix our eyes on our Lord, so that we may all be encouraged as disciples. You know you can lead someone to school, but when they are not encouraged by themselves, you will have to constantly force them and force them. We want to look at our Lord, we want to admire Him and we all delight in Him. We want to talk about Him and be happy because we all know Him. We all want to hear His teachings, we want to get to know our Rabbuni, our Lord, because He takes us beyond death, so we want to get to know Him.

         Once upon a time I heard a story of a grandfather having a conversation with a grandson. This grandson was very happy that he was just finishing his studies. When he came to grandfather, grandfather asked, "what's next?" He says: "now I will go to work, I will work, I will grow up at work." And grandpa says: "what next?" "I will get to some high position at work, I will manage others, I will have a decent position." Grandpa asks: "what next?" "I will have a wife, children." "And what's next?" "We'll build a house for ourselves." "And what's next?" The grandson finally got angry, what this grandfather is picking on him. "Next? - I will die. Grandpa asks: "what next?"

         Because one day we will die and what next? You may be don't know how rich, don't know how learned. What's next? If you are not a disciple of Jesus, and you will not learn from Him this teaching here on earth, which will teach you what is pleasing to God and what is not, then "further" will be a tragedy for you.

Through Jesus' confession, we said to ourselves: "Lord, we will go everywhere with you, we will not go anywhere without you. We want to cost you and get to know you." We have to take on especially today, when many are becoming lukewarm, the proper value of Jesus in their hearts, and His Word must be more valuable to us than all the words of this world. Schools are needed, Christians in office are needed, they are needed. But Christ must come first, because you need Him more than all these things.

         If you were going to do anything for the Church today, can you do it? Can you navigate in the body of Christ giving good to others? Jesus' disciple must know this, because Jesus said that every single disciple must be ready to lay down his life for others. Have you already been told that Jesus is asking you to live as his disciple? Because otherwise He will never teach you, because your life must stay with Him all the time, so that He may teach you everything with which He has been sent by the Father to us. If you walk away from Jesus, you will lose what He could teach you.

         It is very understandable to us. We can look at people who did not walk with Jesus, and before that were really in love with the Lord, happy with the Lord, rejoiced in the Lord, spent a lot of time with the Lord. What's with them today? They forgot everything because they did not walk with Jesus, they forgot. In 2 Peter it says that they have forgotten who they were and that is why it is so with them. God still remembers, they can still come back, but when they forget forever and when death meets them on the way, their condition will be terrible.

         Let me tell you, this school is the happiest school I have entered. I have never been so happy at any school as at Jesus' school. She is not a nuisance for me, she is not a chore for me. I do not learn because the Teacher forces me to do so, nor does it cost me who He is by force, as sometimes mother does everything only to the child to forcefully feed it. Not. I myself open my mouth and my heart, because I want to get to know Him in this school, I want to taste who the Father is, and in the end I want to see the face of Him who gave birth to me. I know that when I am in this school, I will follow the whole path of leading the Lord and I will go to the Father. In this school, I do not graduate with any position on earth. In this school, I graduate with a position in heaven at the right hand of the Father. This school brings me to that top position. Therefore, I am grateful to the Lord for accepting me to this school. He gave me faith to be able to be in this school, he gives me food every day, to be strong in this school, he makes sure that I think about others in this school too, and thus you can grow, you can cost more and more.

I read to you Words that I don't think many understand, and they are very, very simple.

         Open the Gospel of Luke 14: 25-35:

         "And many crowds followed him, and he turned and said to them: (26) If any man comes to me, and does not hate his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brothers, and sisters, and even of his life, he cannot be my disciple. "

         Do you believe it? "Whoever comes to me and does not hate his father, mother, wife, children, brothers, sisters and even his life, cannot be my disciple." Are you sure Jesus is right? I am sure you will. Why? Because the experiences that I will go through in this school will also be conducted in this matter; about my father, mother, wife, children, everything. I must stand before Jesus saying, "Lord, I am yours, use me in all of this." And then no one will stop you; neither mother, father, husband, wife, nor child will detain you. It won't stop you. If it is not so, then you cannot be a disciple of Jesus, because you will not pass this school, you will not be able to withstand the pressure. When people pull you away from Christ and attack you and tempt you, you will hate them, and it's not about hating them so much that you'll want to kill them, no. The point is, there will be so much difference between Jesus and them that you will be willing to give up on them rather than on Christ.

         Did you know that you only come to this school when you do? When you say in your heart: "Yes, Lord, I belong to you completely and even if they reject me, you will receive me." This is a condition. If you do not fulfill it, you will not be able to persevere in the trials, you will go back and you will not be able to follow the Lord any further.

         "Whoever does not bear his cross and follows me, he cannot be my disciple."


This is death. If you haven't died for the world, for yourself, for all of this, then you can't be a disciple of Jesus because you'll go backwards. He wants to lead you to know the Father. If you haven't died, you will fall back. There will come your day when you say "enough". I will read about people who said "enough" and stepped back. They reached their limits and stepped back, which is why they said that we will not follow you any further. They are not dead. They came to a point where they still had the strength to follow Jesus, but then they said, "no, here we'll stop and that's it."

         Have you accepted your death? Our Master says: "who is sure that if He has died, we are all dead", He loves him. Are you sure that the moment Jesus died on the cross, you too died with Him? I'm really talking about a serious school, about such a serious school that I will try all my life, if you are in it all the time with one Teacher. But also what effect!

         In this school you get to know someone who made heaven and earth, things visible and invisible. So how does it have to be full, turned to Him? In this school you get to know the one he sent.

         Later, the Lord Jesus continues:

         “For which of you, wishing to build a tower, will not first sit down and calculate the cost, or has it to be finished? That when he has laid the foundation and is unable to finish, all who see it will not begin to mock him, saying: This man began to build, and he could not finish. Or what king, going to war with another king, does not first sit down and consult, will he be able to face ten thousand against the one who goes against him with twenty thousand? If not, while the latter is still far away, he sends a message and inquires about the terms of peace. So, any of you who will not renounce everything you have, cannot be my disciple. Salt is a good thing; however, if the salt gets stale, how to season it? It is suitable neither for soil nor for manure; they throw her out. Whoever teaches to listen should listen. "

This is a serious thing, isn't it? This is a problem, a lot of people's problem really. Jesus said many go out and find few. Many come out, really, sometimes on the way to three-quarters. Like this third soil, they go this far. But the things of this world distract them. They don't find that way. Only those who know the Lord and understand what He is saying. That is, disciples who know Him and understand His teaching, they bear thirty, sixty and one hundred times the fruit. This is simple science, right? If those who stay with Him to the end bear fruit, because the Father cares for them at this school.

         These conditions must be met if we want to be Jesus' disciples. It is not enough just to say: "I want to be in this school". There is also an exam, an exam of everyday life, whether you really love Jesus and His teaching. Did you love His commandments? As we said yesterday, as a part of his body, did you love His commands, His commandments? Are they nice to you because you are in Christ and live because of Him? This is a good school, really, I don't know a better one, so much a person can learn in it.

At this school you have such experiences that everyone will abandon you, many will not understand you, many will hate you, and some will say you have a demon in you, they will treat you like your Master. And you will continue to walk and grow like your Master because you have renounced everything you have and everything belongs to Jesus. Therefore, you are not accused of being accused. It does not destroy you that someone, for example, does not like you, does not want to, or does not recognize you. You just gave everything to Jesus, so it doesn't affect you anymore. As Paul said, "I give everything to Jesus, I am free, He took me to school, He took everything on himself." He gives everything to him, I can go on. I can grow, I can get to know Him, I am a free person, free because God knows everything about me.

         Everything is clear at this school. We go to the brightest school, because all the time during the day. There is no night there, so that you can hide somewhere and do something to yourself in the dark.

         So, any of you who will not renounce everything you have, cannot be my disciple. Salt is a good thing; however, if the salt gets stale, how to season it? It is suitable neither for soil nor for manure; they throw her out. Whoever teaches to listen should listen. "

These words look very menacing: hate it, leave it, pass it all on to Him. These words, humanly speaking, look very scary, but I find in them the love of my Lord, because He, taking care of me, knowing what experiences I go to this school, tells me what I must leave behind so that I can follow Him, for my sake. Okay. I believe Him, otherwise I will follow Him no further than I can. One maybe more, the second even more, the third, the fourth even more, but only the one who has left everything can do the most, for he can go beyond death to the Lord.

         Do we say to our Master: "consent"? "Since you say, Lord, that this is the admission requirement to this school, then I am ready. I calculated the costs, I decided that I want to be in this school." Jesus says: "Come to me, all you weary and heavy laden, and I will lead you into it all." These are His disciples: overworked, burdened.

         It can be said that every school has regulations, laws, for teachers and students as well. There is only one rule in this school - you must die for Christ to appear in you. You have no rights. Probably none of you know such a school. Teachers would have to be the happiest in the world to have all rights taken from students. They could at last teach them calmly, and they couldn't rebel or bring them to trial that they had transgressed. And the Lord demands full surrender. The Lord does not want students who discuss, murmur and say, "Lord, you have given me the right now to sleep when I want, you have given me the right to laze, you have given me the right to play." No, there is no such law. In a word, it is probably one of the most difficult schools, there is no more difficult. That is why it is written that it is difficult for the righteous to be saved.

         And really, what the Lord does in us is beautiful, wonderful, and for that I am grateful to Him. Each Word breathes love towards us people, because He knows who we are. He knows how fast we're running somewhere else. He knows how quickly we forget about Him and deal with various things. That is why he set such a high condition as to protect us from ourselves and protects us every day.

         If you do something recklessly somewhere, He will not immediately remove you from this school, as He did not cancel Peter and other students who did various stupid things. He teaches, he is a patient Teacher. He is very understanding, but also consistent. I want you to remain on His terms at all times, then you can be sure that you will win.

         Have you already paid the price of this school? I want you to answer to the Lord. Have you already accepted the conditions of this school, going to the water of baptism: "Lord, I want a clean conscience, I want to be yours, I want to use your sacrifice on the cross and I want to enter a new life, I want to be a disciple who goes with you, who belongs to you that learns from you. " Now stick to this school because things in this world are even worse than before, even more pressure, even more attack. How much you have to belong to Jesus with your whole life to win and move on. Do you want to be in a place that will show you that you have neglected the time of grace, you have wasted the time of God's promise? Really, this word does not scare anyone. Jesus does not scare anyone. He said He would judge you by the Word that you heard, which you heard in many meetings. The one standing in front of you will tell you how you dealt with him; have you taken it to heart and started to listen to the Lord and serve Him with a willing heart? You began to find happiness for yourself in the Church, and in your brothers and sisters did you really find a family? Have you been strangers, strangers in the Church, strangers as those who actually have nothing to do with Christ?

         John chapter 3. I would like to talk about how we students are to behave in this school, so that we can win this battle, that we can go through each day and be happy students who can listen to Jesus all the time, be with Him all the time. I will be reading from the thirteenth line:

         “And no one has ascended into heaven except the One who came down from heaven, the Son of Man, and as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of Man be lifted up, that whoever believes in him may not perish but have eternal life. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him. "

And see what comfort we have at this school. We have the opportunity to look to Jesus who died for us, who took all our sins upon himself. So that the devil who bites us and wants us to lose our strength somewhere, to weaken somewhere, so that we can no longer follow Jesus somewhere, he cannot stop us on this path. You only need to look at Jesus.

         Once upon a time we began to ponder these words more deeply: What does it mean to look at Jesus? It means that with every single moment when I am His disciple and with Him, I see Him more and more. More and more of His love, more and more of His goodness, more and more of His patience, more and more of His kindness, more and more of His gentleness. I know more and more how nice He is to me as a Teacher, how He took all my experiences upon Himself to help me now. He is the Teacher who comes to meet me, he is ready to help me with all my needs in this school. So we have received the best Teacher and, as sheep, also the Shepherd.

         So let's look at Him. In Him is our forgiveness, in Him is our encouragement to continue to be in this school, in Him is to see the great difference between a treasure in heaven and a treasure on earth. In Him we can see it all every day and then we are the people who look at Him. We are not fooled by the devil that maybe it is just something that someone thinks that it can be left in the last place and it will be all right.


         We know that it is not. When you turn your eyes away from Christ, the venom starts to work, you get cloudy, you get nondescript, you don't really know what you're still doing here. But all you need to do is look at Jesus and you will already know what you are still doing here and what you can be. You just need to look at Him, just as the Israelites in the desert could see, and the bite didn't work right away. Good school, right? Although you can lose your life there, because in this school there is a lot of pressure from someone who tries out every student whether he still wants to be in this school. The devil is tempting you and tempting you to leave it and go away. And you, looking at Jesus, will always be happy and you will not go away, you will not leave this place.

         You need faith for that, right? Faith in Jesus, confidence in what He is like. God's Word says that if you are somewhere in sin, you carry burdens, and you entered the water of baptism, confessed the name of Jesus, then you can throw it all out today and, looking at Jesus, run on. You can do it, you don't have to bear it, you don't have to walk laden, you can find solace for your soul in an instant. All you need to do is look at Jesus again, look again at the one who encourages you to run and to win, and you will feel great with Him again. You will win because the blood of Jesus has washed you once and for all, unless you find it common, as God's Word says. Then you lost. As long as he is washing you, you look at him all the time, he has his hands open all the time, but he always says: "do it today, because only today is yours".

         In Luke 6:40 it says that everyone will be properly prepared when he is like his Master. So this school is about becoming more like Jesus. And we look at, for example, a brother or a sister and say that we see him after a year, and then we can easily know whether this man moved in the school of Jesus or not, by what his life was like. If he has been in the school of Jesus, his life is more abundant, his character is nobler, his love is softer, his willingness to serve is even greater. This is how everyone in the school of Jesus develops who walks with Him. You can see it in the fruits, you can see it in how it all functions in him.

         Let's open the Gospel of John chapter 13. It is also so important that we, as disciples, take care of ourselves, that we take care of ourselves, just as the Lord Jesus here washed the feet of the disciples. And he said these words:

         “You call me Teacher and Lord, and you say it right because I am. If therefore I, the Lord and the teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another's feet. For I have given you an example that you should do as I have done for you. Truly, truly, I say to you, the servant is not greater than his lord, and the messenger is not greater than the one who sent him. If you know this, blessed are you as you act upon it. ” John 13: 13-17.

         Blessed are you when you act accordingly. And we, as students, want to wash each other's feet. In a spiritual dimension, we want everyone at this school to be truly happy. We want this, we really want each of us to be smiling before the Lord, happy that Christ is his Lord. That he would really know the Lord as love, as victory, as glory, that he would not know Jesus as an oppressor, as someone who constantly forces him to do something that is unpleasant to him. We want everyone to have clean feet and clean feet when he is in the house of the Lord. That he could walk and that the Lord would be glorified. I want everyone to experience that in this school they are really called by God, that they were really enrolled in this school, because God the Father, in His love, made such a decision for each of us.

         It is so important to us that we appreciate it very much. The value behind it is eternal life. We have received great hope in Christ Jesus, but now we must learn, grow, and know Him. God does not like those who retreat and perish. And it must be calm within us. It's not about scuffling, it's not about such things that I now have to do something for Him first.

         In this school, students respect each other and love each other. In this school, students don't gossip about themselves, they don't spread things, they don't engage in gossip. It will be resolved at this point and no one will have the right to know about it, so that you would be free in this experience. If one of you is strong, he can bear the disabilities of others, he can help in this experience. Really, in this school we can wash each other's feet, and that is service. May the Lord be glorified in this. Let each of you be free and free. You have the right and the duty to be like that, and then it will not be a pain for you to know the Lord even more and more.

         I would like you to open the Gospel of John chapter 6. Here is this moment of tremendous experience. This is the experience of every disciple of Jesus Christ, everyone. It comes at a different point, but at some point you have to come to this threshold of choice, whether you want to stay or go back. Often it is because there are people around you who are watching what you do. They are ready to laugh at you if you follow Jesus, they are ready to reject you, if you follow Jesus, they are ready to tell you things about you if you follow Jesus. You come to such a limit and then you have to choose whether in this school you have recognized Jesus as the highest value or whether people mean more to you than He does. This is one of the main trials of this school and everyone has to go through it. Whoever has gone through it knows what the price is then borne by man, but also what the profit is, what is the approximation to Jesus.

         I will be reading from verse 53-71:

         Jesus answered them, Verily, verily, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you will have no life in you. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day. For my flesh is real food and my blood is real drink. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood dwells in me, and I in him. As the Father who lives sent me, and I live because of the Father, so whoever eats me will live because of me. Such is the bread which came down from heaven, not as the fathers ate and died; whoever eats this bread will live forever. He said this when he taught in the synagogue in Capernaum. "

         So he nourishes us as disciples with what he is, with his goodness, with his love, with his gentleness, with his obedience to the Father. He feeds us with all that He is. He feeds and drinks us so that we are not thirsty, but always watered and fed. So that we can listen to him and have the courage to listen to him further, to get to know him further. It is very important. His concern for us is total, He neglects nothing in the lives of His disciples. You met more than once in the Bible when he even made sure that they had enough to eat when they were tired, so that they could feed first and then walk away. He takes care of everything we need. Nothing escapes His notice. He took all of us upon himself so that we can cost at this school how good He is.

         Therefore, His disciples are those who believe and abide, believe in Him and abide.

         "Many therefore of his disciples, when they heard it, said, This is a hard saying; who can hear it?"

         As I read today about this hatred, this self-denial, about my death on the cross in order to be His disciple. Hard speech is ruthless speech, who can hear it? Who wants to listen to her, who wants to hear such things? Man prefers to hear: "it's nice that you are at all." Jesus doesn't say that.

         “And Jesus, aware that his disciples were murmuring on this account, said to them, Does this offend you? What then, when you see the Son of Man ascending to where he was first? Spirit enlivens. Nothing helps the body. The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life, but there are some among you who do not believe. For Jesus knew from the beginning who were the unbelievers and who would betray him. "

         The disciples walked with Him and did not believe. They got to a certain point and then they just turned around because they didn't believe in Him. If you believe in Christ and look at Him, no matter what happened, you have a tremendous encouragement to persevere. Even if many turn away and go back to the world, you say: "How could I leave You, Lord Jesus, You have a Word of life for me every day. How I could leave You and go with people who return to the world, when they do not do anything. they will give me what is for peace, help, mutual love. You are this food and drink for me. How could I leave You? Rather, I will lose everything. "

         And it is so important for us that when we look at Jesus with faith, we always know: "It is the most beautiful, that I am with You, Lord, that I belong to You, that I will go through all trials and trials, through everything." It's very important for us. See how they have been scandalized by what they heard. They have been scandalized by the Word of God. It is so important that we see that a person can be stumbled by the Word of God. He may say, "What is this Lord who demands so much?" But only because she does not believe in Him as her Messiah, as her Savior, as King of love, grace and forgiveness. He does not know Jesus, therefore he is stumbled by Him, therefore the Words in His mouth are too cut, too strong. And these were such beautiful words, they testified to His death for our sins, they testified to His shed blood for our justification. He gave a living testimony to his concern for his disciples, and they were scandalized because they did not understand him.

         How important it is to persevere with Jesus, that the Holy Spirit will introduce you to the knowledge of all these words, that you will find all God's love behind these words, and that you recognize that the Father is behind everything that the Son does. That in Jesus as your Teacher, Master, Rabbuni, you would find Him whom you want to follow, whose footsteps you want to follow, whose teachings you want to learn every day and grow in knowing Him, the One who came to lead you beyond death. We need it very much as disciples in the Church, because then we can talk to each other about Jesus. Today we were able to talk here with a brother or another about Jesus, like His disciples. One said: "Listen, this is written here, the other said: yes, this and this. And we could quote each other from this one Book, not having it in our hands, from our hearts. We could talk about Jesus, we could rejoice in Jesus from our heart, without having this cheat sheet with us, because this Word must be written in our hearts. And we could talk about how He is good for us, what He has done for us. What a value the cross has for us. We talked about the greatness of the cross for our own good. Someone might say that the cross is some big, terrible thing. Yes, it was a tragedy - death. But how important the cross is to us that we may be Jesus' disciples. Jesus said that if you do not take up this cross every day, you cannot be My disciple. So, through the cross, Jesus gave me the opportunity to be his disciple. What a blessing does the cross have for us to be able to be at Jesus' school every day.

         Let us see it, may the Lord strengthen us even more, so that we can understand His Word, and never backed away, never scandalized, because it is really for our edification.

         “And he said: Therefore I told you that no one can come to me unless it is given to him from the Father. From that moment on, many of his disciples turned back and no longer walked with him. Then Jesus said to the twelve, Do you also want to go away? Simon Peter answered him, Lord! Who are we going to go to? You have the words of eternal life. And we have believed and know that you are the Christ, the Son of the living God. Jesus answered them, Did I not choose you twelve? But one of you is the devil. And he spoke of Judas the son of Simon of Cariot, for he was to betray him, and he was one of the twelve. "

         This is the real Lord. Let each of us experience that He is close to our heart.

         Let me tell you, holy things happen in this school, wonderful things happen. This school serves to clothe us each day so that as His bride, as His Church clothed with Jesus, we may enter eternity. Each student as a part and the whole school as one fullness. Every part of the body and the whole Church, the whole body. Let us also encourage one another to do so, let us talk about Jesus, let us refresh ourselves with Jesus, let us seek the truth about Him. Let us taste in the Word that speaks about Him, let us rejoice in every Word that your brother (sister) will tell you, who testifies that he tasted something of Jesus, that he ate this bread of life today and drank this blood today and is aimed at Jesus . Be with those people who want to be with Jesus, who want Jesus, and from them contract the sickness of love for Jesus. And love Him with all your heart so that you, as His disciple, may know His teaching and never turn back. He encourages you today, because it is about learning what is good and what is bad, and that you, as the one who has acquired cognitive powers in this school through long use, know how to cast out evil and choose good. For yourself, but also for everyone, for the Church.

         May God bless you in this, that we, as students of one school, know only one material, learn from one Book and cost ourselves in the fact that our Teacher is yesterday, today and forever the same, unchanging. And He wants to have us for Himself. Look at him. He loves you all the time, nothing has changed. He is love, he loved us to the end. He loves you all the time and encourages you all the time, he wants to nourish and refresh you all the time. But as long as your eyes go to the things of this world, He can't, because you miss these things too much. You like them too much. That is why Jesus says: "look at me". The old is gone, student. When you entered the waters of baptism, you said, "enough, enough for me begins for you, Lord." When you left, you said, "Here I am new to your life, Lord, to belong to you today." You confessed to him your readiness to be a faithful disciple of him, therefore you took up your cross and followed him. Persist in this faithfulness to the end, and you will meet Him and you will be with Him for all eternity as well as with God the Father. When He comes, He will come for all who belonged to Him. Dude yourself. If anywhere something wants to distract you, you need to know the value of Jesus. Get to know Him, don't waste your time, taste in Him. Let the name of the Lord be glorified in you. Amen.