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05 RESURRECTION 3.08.1999




I would like to share such a word as much as God allows, and I know that He gives and it is precious for me that I can admire Jesus constantly. I can think how He walked on this earth, I can think how our Savior moved here, like the King, like the one who walks proudly, and at the same time so quietly, so gently, so humbly. This is how I can cost as he thought of all of us, how much he loves us. He knew each of us before we even showed up. I think how each of our days took upon itself with all the baggage of various things and experiences, and thus looking at Him with faith, I can admire Him more and more. He thought about me, he thought about me specifically. I appeared so many years after him, and he also thought about me while going to the crucifixion. He also prayed for me - "Father, and those who will believe in me." I thank him for that. Thank you for hearing me, although I do not see Him, that I can give Him glory through thanksgiving. I can think of Him and experience how He has entered death decisively because of my sins. He did not accept any drink that would soothe him.

Although I did not plan it, I will share with you that while I was in the hospital, I had an experience that made me understand even more about this sacrifice of Jesus. I was about to have surgery, and there was an appointed time. When in the evening the anesthesiologist brought me a sleeping pill, in the morning I was supposed to get an injection that would relax me so much before the operation, I thought about Jesus and said: "Lord, you didn't take anesthesia, you didn't need anesthesia. I don't need to take this sleeping pill, I can sleep well. , You are with me. " And I fell asleep, slept peacefully until morning. But in the morning no one came to give me an injection. And then the battle began. "And if you can't stand it, and if you get scared in this operating room, you won't be ready to show how much you trust Him." And then wave after wave began. And at the same time such a calm voice: "how do you know that you will be operated on?" And then I could feel what the Lord was going through. I could feel how he was determined and then I said, "Lord, I can't like you, I can't." And it turned out that when the surgeons came later, they said that there had been some two severe cases and unfortunately they had to put me off. And God led to the fact that although I should have an operation done as soon as possible, I was even released from the hospital. Until God put me in a position where I could go there. And I went without the pill and without any stupid injection. As if I went to the dentist or any doctor. I walked calmly, moved to the operating table myself, completely calm. God showed: "I can do it in you, but you had to experience that you alone cannot." And I could experience Peter, who wanted but could not. And then the Lord Jesus came very close to me. He was ready, He was ready not take no anesthesia, no wine that would dazzle His head a little, that it would be easier for Him when they crucified Him.

But let me tell you, when at that time I only thought - "He, about Jesus" - I couldn't bear it not to cry. He became so close to me in this experience that to think - only Him - when I spoke about Him, I didn't even have to mention a name, my heart was already trembling and my eyes were in tears. Jesus has become so close to me.

I think that more than one experience in our life serves only one thing, so that we can get to know Him even more, even more deeply, even more. And I thank God that this is the way He works. Word goes with experience. And I could say many more cases in which God has taught me what He experiences as a Father. On careful trials, so that I could understand and know how He approached me as a Father, how He humbled Himself towards me, completely misunderstood by me. When I went out to Him in a numb manner, He met with love. When I thought He was taking my freedom and happiness, He still showed patience, meekness, and love. And through the experiences He has prepared for us, we can really learn what the Lord said to us and how He did it.

The Holy Spirit must work in our lives, who will lead us into every Word through experience, and that is why James said that you should consider it the highest joy when you go through various experiences, because it will lead you to greater perseverance. Love for Jesus is something real and it is also the Holy Spirit who came to do in us.

         I want to admire my Lord Jesus Christ, how he enters this death, ready to accept even this experience from the Father's hand: "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? Why are you so far from the voice of my cry?" In this I saw our cry - this is how we cried out in sins, even though we did not hear ourselves. Thus cried our spirit: "God, my God, why have you forsaken me? Why are you so far from the voice of my cry?" And our sin separated us from God. Our spirit could cry out, but sin kept it separate. In Isaiah 59, God says, "My hands are not too short to help you, but sin separates you from me."

         Jesus did this so that sin would no longer separate us from the Father. He walked decisively towards the cross. But He had one more big decision - not to stay there. When he died and was buried, he was laid in a tomb, and on the third day he rose again. And then an all-powerful thing on earth happened.

         I want to talk about our Lord's resurrection. About what it did here on earth, and what great events happened when He rose from the dead. A new reality has emerged. You know that to the cross it was the Old Testament. Jesus had to make all the law, He was still under the law. From iota to letter, each and every part was made by Jesus according to God's will of love, not according to human teachings. With the crucifixion, the old ended, so that the new could begin. The New Testament does not begin when you open the beginning of the Gospels of Matthew, Luke, Mark, or John. The New Testament, the New Covenant, begins with Jesus' death and resurrection. He died because of old things, and is risen to new things.

         And I want us to be able to see together what happened here on this earth when Jesus rose from the dead. Let's turn to Matthew 27 chapter. It was amazing to me one day when I read this text and saw it, so hidden and so beautiful. I will be reading from the 50th line:

         “But Jesus cried out again with a loud voice and gave up the ghost. And behold, the veil of the temple was torn in two, from top to bottom, and the earth shook, and the rocks split, and the tombs were opened, and many bodies of the sleeping saints were awakened; and they came out of the tombs after his resurrection, ”Matthew 27: 50-53a.

         We go through these texts so lightly and link it all to the death of Jesus. But the tombs did not open until after the resurrection. After Jesus rose from the dead, it became possible that the tombs of the saints should also be opened and that they would come out from there and appear to many.

         And now I would like us to take a moment to look at Acts, chapter 13. I will be reading from line 32:

         “And we preach good news to you. God has now fulfilled this promise, which he gave to the fathers, to their children by raising up Jesus for us, as it is written in the second psalm: You are my son, today I have begotten you. " Acts 13, 32, 33.

         God made a promise to them, and He made it true when He raised Jesus from the dead, then He made it possible for them to rise from the dead. They appreciated this promise very much during their lifetime. They appreciated it very much.


         Let's open Psalm 48. We could read this entire Psalm. Each Word of God is worth the price that has cost those who wrote it. They had to go through many trials so that these Words were written in their hearts, that they could be poured out into the Bible in the Holy Spirit. I read verse 15 of Psalm 48:

         “That it is God, our God for ever and ever. He leads us beyond death. "

         Although they died, although they knew they were going to a place where they no longer praised the Lord, they also knew that He would come who would overcome death and make them rise from the dead, to continue glorifying God. The New Covenant has a new value, a resurrection value, so they had that hope - Jesus leads us beyond death. Beautiful hope, isn't it? A beautiful promise from God - "you will be with me, you will pass beyond death." And Jesus was that answer of God, this promise made real, because in Him we were all risen.

         Thank God! God is concrete and reliable, and nothing can prevent Him from fully accomplishing His work.

         I will read the words from the next Psalm 11: 7:

         "For the Lord is righteous, he loves justice, the righteous will see his face."

Thank God for that! The righteous will surely see the face of the Lord Jesus Christ coming in glory.


         One more place, Psalm 17:15:

         "But by righteousness I will see your face. When I wake up, I will be satisfied with your sight."

         A beautiful thing! It was very heartening for them. It gave them strength and encouragement to remain with God to the end, to persevere with Him, so that He would support them and strengthen them. They cried out to Him. We can read about the prophets, about Jeremiah. He says, “Put your cheek to the dust when God is yoking you.” They knew what it meant when God led them to be ready for Him to lead them beyond death. They knew they needed God in action. They saw that without God they would not reach this direction. They knew God was their hope, shield, fortified wall, impregnable castle and so called Him. They called Him according to how they knew Him - the Lord who provides, the Lord, who sees. As they experienced, they knew Him, so also spoke of Him. And He made Himself known: "I am who I am." A powerful name.

         The New Covenant could not change God. God is constant. This is how we read in the Book of Isaiah that God is pleased with men standing, steadfast in keeping to Him, and not changing; once yes and another time differently, but they stood by God and they want to persevere there. And so they stood by God. Noah - the only Noah, at that time, walked with God, stood by God and did not want to let go of God, because he saw what was happening here on earth, he saw what experiences were around him. He knew that only God would fill him with good. How beautiful Noah walked with God. Enoch walked with God. How beautiful it sounds - they walked with God. After all, we know that God embraces everything and the heavens of heaven are unable to embrace Him. And they walked with God, God spoke to them, God spoke to them.

         Remember the last time you talked to God, the last time He talked to you normally. When you asked Him, He would answer some of your problems, and He continued to talk to you. Most often, Sam starts it and guides you in this conversation that you come to understand the given thing. Once I was walking down the street in Gdańsk, at some point I started to think: "Well, you are a father at home. You can do your best, you can do everything in this house, you can embrace this house with your care, care, take care of these children, do your best, that it would be best for them, to make sure that they do not get hurt in any way. " And these thoughts began to run through my mind. And later: "And when you die, will you still be able to care for them?" And then I say, "God, no." "And I am still. When you are with me, you will no longer be afraid." It is worth being with God. He reaches beyond our lives, beyond our presence on earth. It is worth being with him.

         Sometimes God talks to us like that, sometimes he tells us something, he leads us to something, to give us a choice. Here, at the previous camp, I had such an experience that I saw the Lord Jesus in a vision. And he came to me with an exchange, he came to me with His costly perfection. And I had with Him and His perfection, but still a hidden common self that had to be removed in order to receive more of His perfection. And he asked, "Will you give back to me what is still common in you? And I will give you more of what is perfect." And then I understood, “Lord, this is further repentance. This is the understanding that You want to take away from me what is contaminated with me, so that it will not prevent me from entering eternity. This is only penance, when I can, rejecting it, take from You what I need, so that I may serve You cleanly and enter Your eternity ”. And so the Lord is constantly moving and leading us further into eternity. He takes us through many difficult experiences, but He wants to talk to us, He wants to be with us. He's here. Yesterday, today and forever. He did not leave us orphans, and in my and your life there must be experiences that He did not leave you an orphan here. You have to have confirmation that the Word He said is true as well as any other.

         So He left the tomb for us. I can tell you that I know exactly when I was born - when Jesus rose from the dead. Then I was born, because I read in Ephesians that when He raised Jesus from the dead, He also raised me up with Him. So this is my birth time. Not when I accepted on earth what had already happened in Jesus, but when I rose from the dead in Him. Anyone who believes has already embraced it. Let the one who does not believe should believe. For not only that God raised us from the dead in Christ, but also took us up there, and we have already sat down in Christ at the right hand of the Father.

         Therefore, we can be sure that what He will do, He will do, and His every Word will be done in us. That is why the Lord Jesus assured us: "I will not leave you, I will not abandon you, I will chasten you, beat you, teach you and lead you to holiness." And all events, whatever they surround us, work in this one direction, so that we are ready to meet the Father, that we are always ready to know that my life on earth is only a certain scope, a number of days. I can count them, maybe in the thousands, but can I convert them into at least a thousand years, into two thousand, into a billion, a trillion? Until eternity. This is the balance. Here is seventy, fifty, and there is eternity. Is it worth it? Everyone knows it's worth it, but there is a price. I have to accept it in Him. I must accept it all in Him. I must let God so refresh, so comfort, so nourish, so strengthen that I can trust Him, that what He intended will also accomplish, that He is Almighty in action, that our God leads us beyond death to eternity, that he is already there he brought us into Christ.

         May the Lord be glorified for this! Let us rejoice because it is a great event on this earth when the tomb opened and Jesus was no longer there. He appeared to many people.

         We could talk about many of the things the Lord has done in our lives. Sometimes it's better not to say it, so that someone doesn't think too much, that someone doesn't think that you have to lean on things. We need to look at the Lord and admire what He has done for us. This must become a reality for us, and with it came the Holy Spirit to glorify Jesus in us. His resurrection is of great importance. Already those who were holy during their lifetime, because they were holy, righteous, were in the presence of God, but I can tell you that they have not yet entered the meeting place with the Father. They are waiting for us until the whole number is completed. Because God intended that He would welcome all His children to Himself at one time. I want to join them, I don't know how. About some it is written that by death. In Hebrews chapter 11, we read that some refused to be delivered except by the resurrection. They wanted a better release. We want it too.

         Note that when Paul wrote to the Thessalonians and they were in great suffering, he used the resurrection as a consolation for them. He said: "Do not be afraid of those who have departed, brethren, for when this voice comes and the trumpet blows, the dead will rise up and we will all come together to meet the Lord in the cloud or in the cloud." But we will go out to meet the Lord, I want to be among those who come out to see His face and live with Him in eternity. This life is short. I want to have everything from God that I need to persevere with Jesus. Without God, I can't have it. And recently, God put a lot of emphasis on the presence of the Holy Spirit on earth, more and more, because I know who can guide me through all my trials and tests. Who would give me the courage that he gave to Luther when he was going there and was ready to preach the Word of God, and said that even if every brick was a devil, it would go there anyway? But then, for a short time, he was unable to go there and said he would be afraid to go there now.

         I have experienced something like this more than once. In Toruń, when I was going to the meeting that you organized on the plots and when I got on the bus with Thomas, the bus was full of fans. They shouted loudly that they love their band and so on. At one point, one of these fans yells at me: "I love this team." And then without thinking, and thankfully, I said out loud: "and I love Jesus!" And then the entire bus stopped immediately. If I had thought then I would not have done it. And at that moment something wonderful happened. I was able to talk to these people about the Lord, and then, when they got off the bus, a man came up to me and said, "I don't think you're Catholic." But it was the Lord, not me.

I know that without the Lord, man has no place to take courage. We are cowards. We need Him daily to fill us with the courage to do so. We want these things, we want to tell everyone about Jesus. We have to win the battle. We must let this resurrected life of Jesus Christ embrace ourselves, reign over us, cheer ourselves up, console ourselves and be delighted with Jesus that we too are going to live, that death is a gain for us now. Paul says: "I would like to go to the Lord, but for your sake I will remain. Or maybe we will await the coming of Christ and then, transformed, we will meet Him, thanks to Him."

         I can see you working in this direction. I can see how the resurrection matters to us! We must never forget what happened. Therefore, the Lord Jesus could tell with this parable that one would be buried and the other lifted up. Already in the psalm we have "and we fly away". We already have it as a prophetic word - and we're flying away. We want to fly away, we want to be there, we want to be with the Lord, we want to see His face. For a long time this has been reaching me like this: "I want to see the Father." Once, I talked to a man at work and he said, "come on, show me God, I want to see God." And then I gave him the New Testament. He read to Matthew 5, then closed it and said, "I cannot see God." He read that only those who have a pure heart can see God. And he knew he didn't have a pure heart. And we have a pure heart through faith in Jesus.

         May the Lord delight us. I know that the Lord is working in us now so that we can be happy that He is risen. The Lord works in us so that we cherish the resurrected new life as His followers. We will not leave this place defeated with our heads bowed, but our last sigh will be "it is done". In Christ, we go there already. Has become. I have come to the last minute, I can be with the Lord. We will not go away like people who don't know where they are going. We know where we are going. We have to cost ourselves in this every day.

         Recently, with Darek, we had such a situation at work that a man told us about a situation from the year 56. We were amazed at the details of the events he spoke of; names, all sorts of things. So many years have passed and this man knows it all. And you know why he still remembers it so well? Because he says it a lot. If we only repeated it to ourselves often, we would also know it well, and we could mention exactly, detail by detail, that it is here, it is here, and it is here.

         I would like us to open Romans chapter 10. Maybe I will read from the first line, although I am more interested in four lines.

         "Brethren! My heart's desire and my prayers to God are aimed at the salvation of Israel. For I bear witness to them that they have zeal for God but unreasonable zeal; for, not knowing God's justification, and trying to establish their own, they did not submit to God's justification. " Romans 10: 1-3

         I will read where this justification of God has functioned, his is not under the law.

         "For Christ is the end of the law, that everyone who believes may be justified." Rom 10: 4

         It is under grace. Justification is under grace. When Jesus is risen, we can, because of God's grace, be in this place in him, without having done anything good. We use it for faith, not works, lest anyone boast. It is written that this sacrifice is effective through faith. Now we will see what it is like with the resurrection.

         "For thus Moses writes of the justification which is of the law: A man who has fulfilled the law shall live by him." Romans 10: 5

         Who Fulfilled the Law? Christ, only Him! No man could fulfill the law, no one but Christ. So their zeal is unreasonable, because none of them who are under the law can execute it, so there is no chance without Jesus to be saved. Fool is the one who gives up on Jesus and thinks that under the law he will find victory over his sinful self. A man is foolish to think that his sinful self will cease to function under the law. The law couldn't do that. Christ did it. It is through the cross that circumcision occurs from this sinful body. This is very well presented in the Letter to the Colossians. There it is not "of the earthly body" but "of the flesh of the flesh". There is a word for "body" twice.

         “And the righteousness which is of faith says thus: Do not say in your heart, Who will ascend to heaven? That is, to bring Christ down; or: Who will descend into the abyss? That is, to bring Christ up from the dead. " Romans 10: 6: 7

         Don't tell who will go, who will arrange it, who will? Because it has already happened. Jesus came, he was there, he took what was his and he went. He took the prisoners and left. Everything else is left waiting for judgment.

         "But what does the Scripture say? The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart; that is, the word of faith that we proclaim. For if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. " Romans 10: 8, 9

         Do you know what our salvation depends on? Precisely from this, the confession that Jesus is Lord of lords over everything. And when I believe with all my heart that He is risen, this is my salvation, this is my strength to overcome all these days and aim for the resurrection of the righteous. This is my courage not to be distracted from Christ, because I believe that He is risen and that my place is with Him and I want to achieve it. Paul wrote: "I am perfect and I strive for my perfection. I strive for this resurrection, which I have already received in Jesus from the Father. I want to get there and I already have it, so I know where I am going. I am going to the place that I have already had through faith and which God he gave me for free. " He made it dependent on religion, on faith.

         Simple, completely uncomplicated, right? I had such an experience once. There was a stone lying there, I tried to pick it up and saw that I couldn't very well. But then I see someone picked up. I say "what?" And I walked over and picked up that stone. It turned out that it was not as heavy as it seemed to me.

         And sometimes it is so with us. We will approach - "it's too heavy, I won't touch it". But it is enough that Jesus carried it all. You look that you can. You can follow Him. He gives strength to his people, you just need to believe. Everything is possible in him. One of our confessions: "Everything is possible for a believer." Jesus says: "If you abide in me, all things are possible for you." By faith you abide in him. When you are in His resurrection, it is possible. You win. You are very encouraged to stay with Christ because you know that He will come back here, just for you, when you persevere to the end. Because He said He would come back only for those who would stay with Him to the end. And although many will depart, many will grow cold in love, many will turn away, believing that He has risen, I will not go astray because I know He will come back. I know that others can fool around and get out of God's way, go towards the world. I will not come down because I know He will come back. I have this faith in my heart. He will come back here. I don't know when, but he'll definitely be back. He will come back for those who were waiting for Him, who loved the day of His coming, who wanted to be ready for that day as servants who stand at the door to open when the Lord returns. I want to be clothed in His garments. I don't want to be surprised on this day. I do not want any human teachings that I only have to be ready (as I said yesterday) when I approach the Lord's Supper table - "let's forgive each other, brothers, sisters." No, I want to be ready every second of my life to meet Him, because maybe He will come or I will leave today, maybe today is my last day on this earth. And I have to be ready that day just to meet with Him, because I know that He will come back for those who persevered to the end, until the last day with Him.

          "For with the heart one believes and is justified," Romans 10: 10a

         One believes with the heart for justification. If you believe with your heart that Jesus is risen, you are believing for your justification.

         "And with the mouth one confesses to salvation." Rom 10:10

         Then you confess that Jesus is Lord.

         “For it says: Whoever believes in him will not be put to shame. For you have no difference between a Jew and a Greek, for there is one Lord of all, rich to all who call upon him. " Romans 10:11, 12.


         No matter if Jewish or Greek.

         "For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." Romans 10:13.

         Everyone who calls on His Name will be saved. And once the Lord took me through such an experience. As a young believer, I loved the Jews very much. I really wanted to meet a Jew on my way so that I could look at him with love and be with him. And once I met two Jewish women on a bus, and I was happy to be able to look at them. You could see they were real Jewish women, I was so happy. And at that moment it hit me: "I died for everyone. You must love everyone equally, both Germans and Romanians. Are you also as happy when you see Romanian women?" The Lord said, "I have died for all Jews and Greeks." And in him we are one nation and we are to love each other in this way. There is no longer any difference. I understood that this was a mistake. Once I had the opportunity to go to Israel and I also really, really wanted to go there. And everything so happened that I would be working there, I could walk in the footsteps of my Lord, admire these things. And when everything was getting so close, it came from the Lord Jesus, such a resolute "no". And I knew that the Lord was saying - "no, you don't need to".

         The Lord is good. He is with us all the time, He watches over us, so that He is the same yesterday, today and forever, He has not changed. We experience it in our lives. And it is beautiful that He shows Himself to us as the living Lord and He also explains the Word of God for us. He, as a Teacher, introduces us to the knowledge of the truth and He gives value to everything He has done, because it is great for us. Just as His death and His resurrection are great for us. And He said: "it is better for you when I go and the Holy Spirit comes to guide you into all this truth and give you what is needed." That we could get to know the Father and the Son and that it would occupy us so much, that we value our time so much that we would not give it back to the world, because we have very little of it. And recently I have so realized that I have less and less of it, my life goes by day after day. I want to use it, I don't want to waste it. I am attracted to him, the one who will return here and that is why he is so close to me, I need him more and more. I don't think I needed Him as much before as I do now. The more I go, the more I need Him, the more I feel how weak I am, how much it is necessary for Him to work in me and in you. Before, I might have thought that maybe I would change a person, now I know that I am not able to change anyone. I know that I can only count on Him to make this word in you and fill you with this resurrected anointing, this bold belief that He is risen. Amen.