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2.08.99 Teams


I would like to talk about this parting with one reality in order to enter another reality, about this happy and great experience of Jesus Christ, who died on the cross, that we would have, through him, a way out of this world of iniquity and evil, to be in the fellowship of the Father.

Before I start talking about immersion, about the death of Jesus, I would like to talk about the men and women of the Old Testament who received in the Holy Spirit the recognition of the coming of the Redeemer. To tell about the experiences of people who wanted to leave evil and could not, could not. Cain, when he killed Abel, said, "I am worthy of you to kill me, I have committed a terrible sin." He knew he had done a terrible wrong, but he did it and undo what he could no longer do. He was sure there was no forgiveness for him anymore, but just then God showed him what He is to Cain and that He doesn't want anyone to follow Cain by doing the same wrong that he did. Unfortunately, few have understood this lesson of God, for we can see that more people followed Cain's wrongdoing. Much evil has spread over the earth. Our human reality always comes out of this area, always. Paradise, rebellion, expulsion, and ever greater and greater degradation. But those who sought God knew that the Redeemer would come, that He would come who would pay off their debt, which they were unable to pay. They knew that the One Who would pay the highest price would come. The wages of one sin is death. What must have been the price for many sins? The death of the Son of God, the death of Someone so pure, so holy and so undefiled, Who could pass through all the immensity of death and that it would not be able to stop Him.

I would like to speak about our Christian reality. I would like to say how important baptism is for us. How important is one of the elements of salvation into which we must enter if we want to go to the Lord. "Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved." Whenever possible, a person who has believed in Jesus Christ should be baptized. When it is impossible God sees it, but whenever possible, a person should be baptized.

And I'd like to read a few verses from Ruth, chapter 3. We have a described event here as Ruth, with good advice from her mother-in-law, does what she told her. She goes to this man Boaz while he is asleep and lies down in his legs like a handmaid waiting for the orders of her master. The very first testimony of her conduct made him consider her an extraordinary woman, for he saw that she had come to the field and worked equally with everyone, not expecting any special payment for it. This was the first testimony to Boaz showing him what a woman she was. The second testimony to him was that, regardless of his age, she respected him for being able to buy her out for himself. We read about this event from verse 8: “And at midnight the man sprang up, turned and saw a woman at his feet. So he asked: Who are you? She replied, I am Ruth, thy handmaid. Pull your cloak over your handmaid, for you are the Redeemer. And he said, Blessed are you with the Lord, my daughter, this proof of your love is better than the first, for you did not pursue young men, neither the poor, nor the rich. Do not bother now, my daughter. I will do whatever you wish for you now, because the whole city knows that you are a brave woman. " She said to him, "For you are my redeemer," and he later did what she expected of him. The plot she had had to be bought, but this plot had to be bought with her. The one who wanted to buy the plot had to buy this woman as well, in order to raise up offspring for her dead husband according to God's law. This was the law of Israel, and he who was the first-order redeemer was willing to buy the plot, but was not ready to buy it. Boaz was ready, and he bought it and that plot.

And I wish we could see Jesus Christ. He acquired us with our sins, with everything. He took us with everything. Not only that He bore our sins on the cross, but He also took us there in Him. He bought us out. He did not only pay for our sins and did not leave us with the matter paid, but He also bought us to lead us to this appropriate place where we can stay with Him for all eternity.

And I would like us to reflect on what baptism is. What happened when we began to head towards the water of baptism and when the name of our Lord, or the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, was called upon us? What happened then? Before, we were in Egypt, that is, in the world. We have done many iniquities, many wrongs, many different dark things, but we have seen through the light that has shone within us that it is possible to redeem us from all these things. We saw that someone came down to earth who had already paid the highest price for us. He paid the price for all our wrongdoing so that we can now enter the reality that He has obtained for us. Knowing the value of physical redemption, Ruth said to Boaz, "Spread your cloak over your handmaid, for you are the Redeemer."

We read in 1 Peter that baptism is asking God for a clean conscience. What can "cover" our conscience so that it is clean? We read recently from the letter to the Hebrews that the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. He himself. So, going into the water of baptism, I need that He will cover me with Himself along with what He did for me by dying on the cross for me. It is a great need for Him to shield me against this new reality to which I want to go out, to become my husband, to become my Lord, to become the One Who will lead me through all my days and Who will take care of me. that's all that has to do with me. Baptism is a great request to God to accept me in Christ Jesus, to accept me in Christ Jesus. Baptism is something very important, because without it there would be no visible and invisible moment of benefit, there would be no entry into what Christ has obtained for us. So we meant when we entered the waters of baptism, and if it was not, it would be good for us to realize that the Lord meant that immersion in the waters of baptism should be an expression of our request: "We want to be covered with You, we cannot help ourselves. for ourselves, if You don't clothe us, Lord, we won't do well here in this world. Even if you would redeem us only from our sins and forgive us all our sins, we will sin again and do all evil again. " It is a request that Jesus Christ cover us with Himself as our righteous Redeemer, shielding us from all things that surround us here. Just as Boaz visibly covered Ruth and now she belonged to him, so Christ invisibly covered us with what he had achieved for us by living in the flesh on earth, so that from now on we would belong only to Him.

Baptism is powerful. When you approach the water of baptism, you are also approaching the benefits of the death of Jesus Christ. You approach all the benefits of His death on the cross. You are still going as a man who carries all the baggage of your iniquities, your evil, you are carrying them to the Lord. You know He accepted it. You carry them as repentant ones in need of His help. Carry him, knowing that his blood has been shed, as we sang, "O blood-stained head ...". We know that when the crown of thorns was placed on the head of Jesus Christ, His head was covered with blood, and that blood was dripping on His shoulders and flowing down His body. And this blood, flowing from within the suffering Christ, cleanses us from all evil, because we, as the whole body of Christ, are surrounded by His precious blood, cleansing us from all our evil.

And our need in baptism is that we can find ourselves through baptism in his death, in the full reality of his redemption. I will want to read this from the Letter to the Romans later, but before reading this I want to enter into the triumph of our Lord's return to heaven as our Redeemer. Revelation 5 chapter. It is a beautiful chapter that shows Jesus our Lord as the Lamb of God who took away our sins, going into heaven.

“And I saw in the right hand of the one who sat on the throne, a book written inside and out, sealed with seven seals. I also saw a mighty angel crying out with a loud voice: Who is worthy to open the book and break its seals? And no one in heaven, or on earth or under the earth, could open the book or look into it. And I wept a lot that no one was found worthy to open the book or look at it. And one of the old men said to me: Don't cry! The lion of the tribe of Judah, the root of David, has prevailed, and he can open the book and break its seven seals. And I saw in the middle between the throne and the four figures and among the elders a Lamb standing, as if slain, who had seven horns and seven eyes; and these are the seven spirits of God sent down all over the earth. And he came and took the book from the right hand of him who sat on the throne, and when he took it, four forms and twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb, each with a harp and a golden bowl full of spices; these are the prayers of the saints. And they sang a new song of this content:

Worthy you are to take the book and remove its seals, for you have been slain and redeemed for God with your blood people of every tribe and tongue and people and nation, and made them kings and priests for our God, and they will reign over the earth. And as I looked, I heard the voice of many angels around the throne, and the forms and the elders, and their number was thousands and thousands of thousands; And they said with a loud voice: Worthy is this Lamb slain, to receive strength and riches and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing. And I heard every creature that is in heaven and on earth, and under the earth and in the sea, and all that is in them, say, To him who is seated on the throne and to the Lamb, blessing and honor and glory and power forever and ever. And the four figures said, Amen. But the old men fell down and worshiped. " A beautiful picture of the triumph of victory and exaltation in Jesus Christ also for us, redeemed by his blood.

I would like us to be able to reflect on this image, or what should guide us, as we moved towards the waters of baptism. Israel, when leaving Egypt, had to enter the waters of the Red Sea, had to cross it. This water was opened to him, and all that was of Egypt that wanted to follow them was drowned in the sea, nothing got through, Israel alone passed. When we enter the water of baptism behind us, nothing has the right to go further behind us. Everything must perish from the old life. The old ruler, who drove us with the whip of lust while we were in captivity with him, must die for us in the waters of baptism. Our old, sinful acquaintances, as well as the old things from Egypt, perish, and one, but how bold and glorious, confession appears: We are a part of the Church of Jesus Christ, because as part of him we have now entered His Church. We have entered the reality of one Body which belongs to Christ, cleansed by His blood. This image must guide us, because from that moment on we belong to him, we are his family, born of the same Father through faith in Jesus. This must guide us, but until we enter the water of baptism, we are still on the side of the world, still not cut off from the world, still on the side of this pharaoh who, let's say, represents the devil and enslaves us and does not want to let us go. Everyone has their own baptismal certificate and awareness of the events that happened then. Many remember well that the devil did not want to let them go, but he interfered as much as he could so that they would not follow Jesus Christ further. He stopped, be it through family or friends, or through some hard-to-bear events. For some, these difficulties did not develop until after baptism, and were just as aggressive as for all those who underwent them before baptism. You lived it, and you know it was like that, but you longed for baptism and refused to stop. As soon as you had knowledge of what was happening to you, God accepted them and He embraced you from His side, giving you everything that belongs to you in Christ. He did not give it to you according to the dimension of your understanding at your baptism, but according to the dimension of his Son, whom he gave in his love for all of us, that we might be enriched with his fullness. Let us say that when you entered the waters of baptism, all you understood was that you had to do this because you were told that you had to be baptized.

You did it by believing in Jesus, you entered the water of baptism, then God separated you through your water baptism immersing you in the death of Jesus Christ, from the power of Satan to the power of the Lord Jesus Christ, giving you everything that is contained by Him in baptism. Later you can taste it, know it and experience it, but God already gave you everything when you were baptized. He gave you all your death in Christ, because when you plunged into the water of baptism it meant at the same time with God that Christ's death envelops you completely, and there is no limb of you left before God, as an old man. All immersed in death, nothing, absolutely nothing can remain in you before God from the old man. One sacrifice of Christ then did with you what was necessary for you to come into fellowship with God. And while you were emerging from the water of baptism, a whole new man was emerging. It is so with God. This is the reality with God. You haven't seen it yet. You ascend and look like the same man who submerged. Even some words you say the same and everything is as if still in the same sequence, but you are already a new man with God and this testimony must also appear in your new reality: "I am already a new man, my conscience no longer accuses me, I have been freed from baggage of old things, I can lift clean hands to God and praise Him, and enjoy the deliverance given to me by Him in Christ in all its fullness, and now costing me as much as I understand Him. " This is God's reality and ours. With God it is constant, and with us it grows until the white day. From the moment of water baptism, I have the right to call myself a follower of Jesus Christ, who has eternal life. Since then, I have the right to boast in Jesus Christ, since then I have the right to follow Him, and since then I have the right in the Church to be a brother to all other baptized in the Church. Since then, I have the right to have a heavenly hope, and since then I have the right to forgive. Yesterday we talked about, did you do it? Have you forgiven everyone. You threw everything out, all the unforgiveness out of your heart, and you said, "I forgive because I have been forgiven too." This is the reality of our new life when no unforgiveness, some bad thing can reign in your heart anymore, because you know God has forgiven you all. That is why you went there to this baptismal water, because God has forgiven you everything. You came there to ask Him for forgiveness, just as the Lord Jesus said in this parable that this man was burdened with enormous debts and then he sought that this gentleman would help him somehow, and this gentleman not only helped him a little, but also forgave him everything, and then this man, when he left, found his debtor who owed him something. And what was in his heart then? He forgot what he was forgiven and he refused to forgive and then see what the Lord Jesus says: All the debt fell on him, all the debt. Therefore, how important it is that we do not allow unforgiveness to dwell in our hearts in the new life. We have a great privilege not to hold offense in our hearts. It is Christ's holy privilege not to resent anyone, because this heart is already new, completely new, it is already able to do so, because when we came out of the water of baptism also a new heart appeared in us. Everything new. A new man has gone out to a new life.

Our great request was also when we left for baptism: “Lord, cover me with your mantle, I want to be part of your Bride, your wife, I want to belong to the Church. From now on, Lord, in this Church I want to do whatever is pleasing to You. From now on, my Redeemer, I am yours, from now on, thanks to You, I will only do what is pleasing to You. From now on, as your slave, I will obey Your commands and Your commandments, from now on I am ready not to be ashamed of You as my Bridegroom. From now on I am ready to confess You among all people, from now on I am ready to rejoice that the wedding day will come and I want to be ready, I want to be as the one who persevered to the end in what you gave me and to multiply it even more. add something to you, in the power of Your Spirit, for You, my Lord. "

For such a reality to arise in us, we must fully know what baptism is. I can tell you that many believers do not understand that baptism separates us from the world of darkness. When you entered the water of baptism, then he remained behind you, separated from you by the waters of baptism, a world full of its carnal lusts. When you left, you already went out to the Kingdom of God and its righteousness to seek it and find your delight and happiness in it as a new man who can feel really good only in the Church. He can feel good in fellowship with Christ, being most often where the Word of God is read, where people learn from each other Jesus Christ, where there is prayer and praise of the Lord. Therefore, the one who in the new life keeps the happiness that he belongs to Christ, does not avoid the gatherings, you will not keep him, lest he go there, because there is his Lord in the same and the same as he who obey him and boast about him. His Lord Jesus Christ told him, "Where two or three are gathered in My Name, I am there." His heart could not be on the sidelines while his Lord is there in the congregation of saints. He eagerly wishes to be built up to be everything that His Lord has already done in his family of God, and to build up for others what the Lord has already done in him, and to listen to everything that the Lord has to convey to them all through the proclaimed Word of God, or prophecy, revelation and interpreted languages, thanking God for every way He chooses to convey His Word at this time to His people, of which He, through Baptism, has become a part. The new life draws to the Lord, not to the world and its lusts, but to the Lord, to his people and to proclaim the Word of God to other people. A new life always draws him to Jesus. As soon as Jesus comes, no gravity will stop him, lest he meet the Lord there. This new life grows and draws on the Lord, but it is necessary to cross the water of baptism for it to happen.

I hope we understand what the word "Redeemer" means now a little more. As Jesus paid the full price for us, it means that He bought us for himself, so that we would live no longer for ourselves, but for Him (2 Corinthians 5:14, 15). That's why he bought us, but it's for our own good. It is interesting to me in the Gospel that when He bought me for myself to live for Him, it is for my good. Whatever God does, He does for our good, and I have found it wonderful that in this new life I can experience that God is working for good in everything, in everything, exactly in everything. There is nothing that is not turned so that the image of Christ may be formed more and more in us. There is not a single event that God does not prepare for this thing because we love Him, because we want to be with Him. We love Him because He sent His Son to save us, we love Him because He, as Love, endured the shame of His Son here on earth. We love him because he put all our sins on Jesus and that we have been redeemed by him. It is written in the Letter to the Colossians that on the cross, for our good, God in His Son triumphed over heavenly powers and principalities, wiping out the burdening letter that turned against us with His requirements.

Romans 5th chapter, from 6th verse. I would like us to think of Jesus Christ as the Redeemer, as Someone Who paid all our debt, Someone Who loved us so much that He paid the price of His life for us, Someone who is in Heaven in such a beautiful place , he was ready to leave that place to come here to redeem us. Let us think of Him as Someone Who loved us, in fact loved us like no one else here on earth; He loved us to the end. Let us think of him as the one who covered us in love with his mantle of righteousness. He said, "You are mine, I will not forsake you, I will not leave you, you are mine; you are a brave woman. " Yes, it is strange, but how lucky for us men that we too are with women this one woman, the bride of the Lord Jesus Christ, to belong to him in eternal unity.

"For Christ, while we were still weak, in the right time died for the wicked" - in the right time he died for us - "It is rare. That someone would die for the righteous; sooner someone is ready to die for good. " This is the truth that we often experience in our lives. A good man, this is a man whom everyone likes, because he always says and does something good and pleasant to others, but hardly anyone likes a fair one, because he often says and does something that does not suit others and makes them angry and aggressive self-defense. Yes, and Jesus spoke to people, but many of what He said to them disturbed them in their selfish life, and they disliked Him for it, and could no longer bear Him. Finally, they said that he had to be killed, because he would take other people with him. "And God shows his love for us in that, while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." Let's live it properly. It is very important to God that we value His every Word. Let us live it in our hearts. This is the Word of life. God showed His love for us in that Christ died for us on the cross. This is God's proof that God loves us, because when we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Jesus died for sinners, not for the righteous. Let the Holy Spirit work in us so that we may begin to admire the Father and His love for us even more. Let us be as children who cost themselves in the Father, who admire the Father. Children say about their fathers: "My dad is so strong, so strong, so brave, etc., my dad will do this or that," and our heavenly Father is all-powerful and maybe even more than all earthly fathers put together, for He has prepared all eternity with Himself for us. Our earthly father how much can he? Some time may strive for us, then it must go. Heavenly Father never leaves, he is always. Let us be glad that we have a Father who gave us the proof of His love by sending His beloved Son so that he would bear all the baggage of our bad things, so that we could, redeemed by Jesus, be reconciled with the Father. Let the Holy Spirit work it out in us to make us admire the Father. It is so important that we are a people of thanksgiving who thanks God for what He has done for us, that we are a people who cost ourselves in these things, a people for whom these things are the reality of our daily lives, not only in words from the Book, but in reality. in us who say, abiding in these words with all our heart: "Father, I love you, Father, I am so happy that You did this for me, that You brought me to Jesus, that You gave me to Jesus, Father." So much the Father waits for his children and in many places says: "If I am your Father, why do you not worship me, why do you not listen to me, why do you not respect me?" He has done everything for us in Christ, that we may be in fellowship with Him.

“All the more so now, being justified by his blood, we will be saved from wrath by him. For if, while we were enemies, we were reconciled to God through the death of his Son, much more, having been reconciled, we shall be saved through his life. Not only that, but we also boast in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we are now reconciled. Therefore, as through one man sin entered the world, and death through sin, so death also came upon all men, because they have all sinned; For sin was in the world before the law, but sin is not counted without the law; But death reigned from Adam down to Moses even over those who had not committed such a crime as Adam, who was the image of him who was to come. But not like the fall is about grace; for if many died through the fall of one man, the grace of God was much more abundant for many through the grace of one man, Jesus Christ. And this is not the case with the gift as it is with the sin of one man; for the judgment of one fall has brought condemnation, but the gift of grace brings righteousness out of many falls. For if, through the fall of one man, death reigned through one, how much more will those who receive an abundance of grace and justification reign in life through one, Jesus Christ. Therefore, as by the fall of one man the condemnation of all men came, so also by the work of one justification came justification to life for all men. " It came for all people. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved.

When this path is open to us, it is worth leaving everything in reality to be immersed in Christ's death. A dead man, a man no longer willing to continue to live in this world, like the world, as the one who experiences that through one man's disobedience we have all fallen into the pit of darkness, and through the obedience of the One we can all leave this pit. Who will believe this news, who will rejoice at this news, who will say, like the eunuch: "Here is water, what prevents me from being baptized? I want to be baptized. " Philip could only ask, "Do you believe with all your heart?" And he said, "Yes, I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God." It was the confession that guaranteed him victory. "I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God."

See, this is a beautiful Gospel for us. Nowhere do I find great news like this. Everything was given to me, everything. When I went into that water, I was not aware of many things yet, but God was full of what He gave me. He gave it all to me at that moment, gave me all the immersion into Christ's death, and then I was able to experience and know what He had given me there. Now I know more and more what He gave me then: I am full of forgiveness, happiness and joy and adoration, and these great desires to belong fully to Him. I was not fully aware of the new life, but this new life came to me there.

“And the law has stepped in that the falls might be multiplied; and where sin multiplied, grace abounded more, that as sin reigned through death, so grace reigned through righteousness to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. " That grace reigns in us. We also talked about grace and let us combine all these things in ourselves, because we have received all this in Christ: grace, and forgiveness, and reconciliation, and all the other elements that we will talk about. Let us learn what we have received in Christ and let heavenly bliss fill our hearts. It is interesting that we can already experience that we are participants in all these things. As we were partakers in Adam's sins while being sinners, so we are partakers in the holiness of Christ by being holy in Him, cleansed of all these dead things.

"What shall we say then? Are we to remain in sin that grace may be more abundant? Never! How can we who died to sin still live in it? " I would like to mention something about that too. How we must taste this death in the face of sin. We said recently that if you put a bottle of alcohol next to a dead man who was an alcoholic in his lifetime, you won't raise him from the dead, he won't even move. His alcohol bottle won't drag him anymore, he's dead. “How can we who died to sin still live in it?” Christ draws us. We must experience that we are drawn to God's things through the Word of God - we are drawn to eternity, we are drawn to the joy of being with the Lord, we are drawn to being with Him. We must taste the benefits of God's truth, because only then do we experience what Christ did for us. The devil has only one thing to do, and he uses it as best he can: Cover Christ with anything, so that you cannot see Him as He is, that you cannot recognize what God has given you in Him, that you may only receive a part of Christ, but not the fullness of it, what He has achieved for you. When you entered the water of baptism, you entered the reality of His death - it is written in Colossians, and that's the truth. At that moment you were experiencing God's circumcision, when God took your body off (because it is written that "by God's hand" it was stripped of you) your body of sin and only this physical body came out of the water. The body of sin remained in death, although the same man came out externally, but his whole body of sin remained in Christ's death, so you could enter a new life, you could receive new desires, new aspirations. So "never ever!" we are not to live in sin since we have already died in Christ.

“Do you not know that all of us who were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into His death? We are therefore buried with him through baptism into death, that as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we may also lead a new life. " I will tell you that it is wrong that there are fears in us humans, uncertainty, misunderstanding of what has been done there, and that is why we are afraid to trust in the Lord to the end, and that is why the devil, through these fears and fears, gets to one, the other, the third man and stifles him, even though this man has received a new life from God and should boldly live according to the Life which is Christ in him, the hope of glory. God is faithful to His words. If God said yes, that's amen to God. God didn't make it addicted, and he didn't say it like this, "If you're fully aware of what I've given you, then I'll give it to you." Not! He said: "If you believed in my Son and you do it, that is, enter this water of baptism, you will receive what I promised you and you will come out of the water of baptism into a new space, specially prepared for you in my risen firstborn Son Jesus Christ. . A space of experiences of your new life, filled with My help and consolation, but also with the responsibility of persevering to remain in fellowship with Me in My Light until the end of your pilgrimage. " No one has to be baptized a second time (baptism is your conscious submission to a full immersion in water with the name of Jesus Christ called over you, or in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. If you have been baptized in this way, your baptism is correct) to get a new life, because in the end you will never be sure if, when entering the waters of baptism, you were fully aware of what you have in Christ, because we all know that your development depends on your abiding in Christ, and through your persistence through faith in him, and through your love for God, your co-operation with God will always lift you upwards, to an ever greater likeness to Jesus Christ. Otherwise, looking at baptism and making it dependent on our consciousness, we would have to be baptized again and again every year, and we would never quite be sure if it was already the correct, because "true" conscious baptism. No, there is only one baptism which plunges us into our death in Christ. Once Jesus died and once we are immersed in His death. Let's look at this, this is something powerful for us humans. Let us look at this, for it can be said that there is no such ignorance about anything as there is about baptism. Love for God's truth should always fill us with holy anger against robbing God's people of God's baptism, which is a holy image of immersing us in the death of Jesus Christ, and the Lord's Supper during which we eat bread and drink wine, which are a holy image of the Lord's body and blood, and whoever eats it unworthily, without discerning the body of the Lord, eats and drinks it from his own judgment. As this wine and this bread became saints because of being used as a testimony of the death of Jesus Christ, so also water became holy because of its use at that time as a testimony of the death of Jesus Christ. For example, people are preached with such carnal slogans: "Get baptized, because this is the custom of Christianity." Man should be instructed about this, and it should be a regularity that he knows that when he now enters the waters of baptism, he asks God for a clear conscience, and he himself gives up the whole world of the darkness of sin and leaves him behind him in the waters of baptism to go out. to a new life with which God will be able to do whatever He wills, in His Divine way leading you towards your new goal - the eternal life of your soul. Do you want, believing with all your heart that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, to enter the waters of baptism in order to belong to Him alone with your new life as His slave? If a man says, "I don't want to!" Then come back. You're not ready. Why introduce you to this water of baptism when you are not ready to be a slave of Christ. Why take away the possibility that when you grow up to humbly ask God for a good, clean conscience, that you enter into baptism, determined to persevere with God until the end of your pilgrimage and it is an honor to be and remain a slave during this pilgrimage? Lord Jesus Christ. (But remember, all of you who are not yet baptized, and would like to make what I have said now, an opportunity to postpone baptism until a later time, that without baptism you have no part at the table of the Lord, and that means your part is there is still a table of demons, and the Lord Jesus Christ came in the flesh and died on the cross for you so that you would no longer have to feed yourself with the poison of sinful death because of your unbelief, but through faith and baptism, they were fed from His table, His body and blood, and they lived forever). Unfortunately, we did not practice teaching so faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ, because many of us, leading others to baptism, were not fully aware of what we were doing at the moment. We treated it, "Well, you have to baptize a man and that's it." This confession, "Do you believe with all your heart" is very important because it is based on believing in Christ, on nothing else. This man may not understand and comprehend many things, because this is normal. By what right could he fully understand and understand ?! He is only born because of faith in Jesus Christ and being immersed in the waters of baptism in His name. Do we require from a young child of God, a child of God, that he should already live, think and speak like an adult Christian? No, his main confession is: "I believe with all my heart that Jesus Christ is the Son of God." He is born by faith by entering the waters of baptism, and in One Spirit, as baptized in one Name with all the baptized followers of Jesus Christ, he goes out into the Kingdom of God. So we see that baptism is a real introduction into Christ's death, real! From that moment on, the baptized person should have this awareness: “For me, there is no going back to Egypt, there is no going back to the world. I agree that my further life may belong only to Jesus Christ, my Lord. "

 Unfortunately, it is very often the case that after coming out of the water of baptism there is no pilgrimage by faith, but there is a pilgrimage by literal understanding. We should already be spiritual, new people, after coming out of the water. We should be those who understand in spiritual dimensions what God wants from us, and by accepting the Father's will, we are happy with Him. We are already the ones who understand that the new life is a blessing to us and that by staying in it we can enjoy eternity already, because in the resurrected life of Jesus Christ, who is our new life, God has lifted us up and seated us at His right hand. When I entered into His death, I go out into His resurrection. When we read Philippians chapter three, we think it is so twisted, but as we pass through our experiences with wonder, we see how truly it is in God's order. Paul, as an apostle of Jesus Christ, has truly described to us a reality of God in which, by dwelling through faith in Jesus Christ, we can expect God's victory in us and through us. “But everything that was profit for me I took as a loss for Christ's sake. Still more, I consider everything to be a loss in view of the importance of knowing Jesus Christ, my Lord, for whom I have suffered all damage, and I consider everything to be rubbish in order to gain Christ. And to find myself in him, having no righteousness of his own, founded on the law, but that which derives from faith in Christ, the righteousness of God, on the basis of faith, in order to know him and experience the power of his resurrection, and to share in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death (...) ”Resurrection before death? "(...) that in this way I may be resurrected." So I must enter into the feast of Jesus' resurrection in order to be happy and ready to share in His sufferings and in His death. "Every day," Paul says, "I put to death what is outside, so that the inside may be renewed, so that I may be ready for this resurrection, when all those who belong to Christ will arise to meet Him." It has to be in us too. We must be as those people who grew up through long use grasped the doctrine of righteousness, and we abide in what God gave us in the death and resurrection of His Son. We must experience God's teaching which is for our salvation, so that we may be followers of Christ who know that when we entered the water of baptism, we are His from now on.

Following Christ on the way of salvation is a confession that you want to follow God's way of salvation. Peter wrote, "The way to the goal of our souls." Salvation, you want to go there and you want to be freed from your sins on this road, you want to be free from conscience that accuses you and prevents you from having fellowship with God. You want to walk free on this path, so that when the accuser comes to you with an accusation, no condemnation will stop you on the way after the Lord Jesus Christ. You want to go as one who has been reconciled with the Father in Him, you want to have an open heart and you want to win the whole battle with the accuser, because you no longer fight with flesh and blood, but you fight with the powers of darkness that want to deceive you, deceive you and undermine the truthfulness of God . But you, having a new life and a desire to be with God, are looking for His presence and you know that even if something breaks in you, it will not break down in Christ. You rely on Him. Your new life is just as based entirely on Christ as is the life of Paul, who writes that "Jesus 'death does His work in me, and Jesus' life in you." In other words, how good it is when we are dead in Christ's death and the living Lord Jesus can contribute to us and reach out to other people in us.

"For if we have grown into the likeness of his death, we will also grow into the likeness of his resurrection, knowing that our old man was crucified with him, that the sinful body might be annihilated," sinful flesh annihilated, not physical, but sinful. I know my every hair is numbered on this body. God cares about my body. He said I should keep them pure for Him, because He wants to live in me, not in the body of sin, but in the physical one, and He wants me to be His temple. So I would not agree to be thrown into a ditch somewhere or down in a sack or something after I die, say. No, I'm too precious to God. If I had no control over it anymore, and some enemies would throw me there, their business. God is above it, but I will never agree to it, if I can choose that my body should be abused after death and whatever is done to it, because it is precious to God. He redeemed my whole spirit and soul and body. It will be changed someday, and I will go to eternity. Yes, God bought us whole, therefore this body is also to belong to Him in the service of His righteousness. You cannot serve Him with your spirit and do whatever you want with your body. You must keep it clean, it is to be a temple of God that resounds with glory in His honor. When you entered the water of baptism, it did not wash you from the dirt of your body, but from the dirt of the sin of this body in Christ's death. That is why it is important to us what happened at that moment. Rejoice that you have entered the water of baptism, but also know that you have entered into the great responsibility of a new life, because you cannot go through the waters of baptism for the second time. Hold on to the Lord, He is the One who watches over you. Many things in us must function through faith in Him, not through some righteous things, not through the law of works. "For whoever has died is freed from sin. If, then, we have died with Christ, we believe that we will also live with him, knowing that Christ, risen from the dead, no longer dies, death no longer reigns over him. For when he died, he died once for all to sin, and while he lives, he lives for God. Likewise consider yourselves dead to sin ”- do you think so? Do you agree with these words, "I consider myself dead to sin"? In other words, I believe in my death all the time in Christ's death and I abide by faith in it, and Jesus loves me for that. If you do not consider yourself dead, take care. Since you were baptized and immersed in the water of baptism, from today - at least from today - consider yourself dead to sin. It helps a lot and gives you courage to win. Any submission to some deceptive teachings of darkness makes us weaker, but any trust in God's Word makes us stronger. So: "Similarly consider yourselves dead to sin" and then "consider yourselves": "And as living for God in Christ Jesus our Lord."

I would like us to confess to God what is with us on the basis of the words of the Lord and accept by faith what He has given us, and cast out all dark condemnations, all dark accusations and all dark consolations. God welcomed us in Christ and that from today, at least from today, we may consider ourselves dead to sin and alive for Christ, and that we may find great joy in this.

"Therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body, lest you obey its desires, and give your members to sin as the weapon of iniquity, but surrender yourselves to God as raised from the dead, and your members to God as the weapon of righteousness." I would like to pass this on to you, I can see how it works in me. In Christ - it's all in Him, this greatness in Him. I see the Lord working towards my death and experience how I need Jesus more and more every day, every second, also when I get up to speak His Word and when I want to hear His Word. I know God did it for us, He did it for all of us. We should be people who no longer want to know each other according to the flesh, who no longer want to know each other according to the flesh which says: "I am handicapped, I am like this, and so will I be." We want to know each other already according to Christ, according to this new life in which you can do everything good - you can! It is enough for you to believe, because in Him we are destined to do good works. This new life in Christ is open to His good deeds. Do you believe?

Let us be soldiers of Christ, let us be brave. Let us not give the devil access, let us not let him cheat. We have received the greatest weapon we could ever receive. The greatest armor we could ever receive, the greatest Guide we could ever receive, the best Comforter, the One Who comes to fill us with truth.


Let us be people who look boldly to the future because we have accepted everything from God. We do not want to smuggle Egypt into the Kingdom of God because the Kingdom of God is too beautiful for us to pollute it with Egypt, but rather, we want the Kingdom of God to press against Egypt, from there to people be taken out into the Kingdom of God, where they meet people who believe in Jesus, and they enjoy what they got from the Father in Jesus. May the Lord fill us with this.

"For sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under law, but under grace." Grace said: "You are free, leave this world, you have believed in Jesus, enter His death and start a new life of faith in Him. Do not be afraid, He is never late, He will never neglect you, He will always be ready to help you and will always be ready to do what is dear to the Father's heart.


I will also read Psalm 31. Let me tell you that I would never stop talking about baptism, because there is so much value for us people, so much splendor, so much ending our old realities. Everything is lost in that water, because everything is lost in Christ's death, and this is the end of the old man. The old one died, we read it in many places in the Bible, we should let the Holy Spirit fill our hearts with this delight. The old has passed, everything has become new, a completely new reality. We are no longer people who can now think, "What will be, and what will be," we are already people sure of what will be and how it will be. The Lord told us, and that is enough for us.

And I will read from the 2nd to the 7th line: "In you, Lord, I sought refuge, that I would not be ashamed! Save me through your righteousness! Incline your ear to me, hurry save me! Be my defensive rock, stronghold to save me! For you are my rock and my fortress; you will lead and lead me for your name's sake. Get me out of the net they put on me, for you are my refuge. I commend my spirit into your hands, you have redeemed me, Lord, faithful God. You hate those who worship idols, but I trust in the Lord. " And from the 20 line: "How great is your goodness, which you have kept for those who fear you, which you have shown towards people to those who trust in you! You protect them under the cover of your face from the perversity of people, you hide them in a tent from quarrelsome tongues. Blessed be the Lord, for He has shown me His miraculous grace in the fortified city. And I said in my anxiety: I have been thrown away from before your eyes. Indeed, you heard the voice of my supplication when I called to you. Love the Lord, all his faithful! The Lord protects the faithful, and repays the proud as he deserves. Stay strong! And let your heart be brave, all of you who hope in the Lord. " Let your heart be brave, be bold, be ready. May the Lord fill us, let us see more and more the image of Christ triumphant, an image that encourages his followers to the battle of victory. The image of Christ speaking about the glory of Christ working in us is His life manifested through us. It attracts you to eternity, it attracts you to the reality of being with Him.

Still from the Letter to the Galatians, 3rd chapter, from the 13th verse. I would like to show these two things, and I would like the Holy Spirit to fill us with these if we have not seen it yet. "Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us, for it is written, Cursed is everyone who is hanged on a tree, that the blessing of Abraham may be passed on to the Gentiles in Jesus Christ, and we, that we may receive the promised Spirit by faith." He redeemed us from the curse of the law, we are no longer under the law, we are under grace. We do not have to be held accountable according to the law, just like people under the law, but we are to leave the place that is filled with the law, that is, in Christ, leave the place of the world of sin and iniquity, and this happened in baptism, and it is beneficial for us to accept it through faith, what happened that we might receive the promised Spirit by faith. So our Redeemer has redeemed us from the curse of the law.

I would like us to open the Letter of James for a moment and I want to read you something wonderful. It is wonderful news for me and for you, and thanks be to God for it! This is from chapter 2, verse 23. We read here that He redeemed us so that Abraham's blessing would come upon us as well. "And the scripture that speaks was fulfilled; And Abraham believed God, and it was imputed to him for justification, and he was called a friend of God. " God's friend by faith. It's a great thing to be a friend of God. Do you already know what it means to have a friend of God? It means that you have the surest friend you could ever imagine, the surest friend who is always ready to help you whenever you count on Him by faith. Do you understand what it means to always count on Jesus, on the Father, on the Holy Spirit, always ?! Always be sure of their work in every case. You have God for your friend, you entered the water of baptism and said, "I want you to be my friend, I want you to guide me," and God is faithful as a friend. So far, I have been able to say that I live only because He has surrounded me with friendship, and now I know that I too can be a friend of God and we can fellowship in friendship because Jesus redeemed me from the curse of the law and I am no longer guilty to God . I can be friends with God forever, for eternity. May the Lord be glorified in this.

And the last verses of John in chapter 15. God leads His friends with the surest hand, but it is always the path of great experiences. From the 13th verse I will read: “No one has greater love than this, as when someone lays down his life for his friends. You are my friends if you do what I command you. " There is a condition, and if we want to be friends of Jesus, let us do what He commands us to do. Let us love one another, let us not allow the slanderer to accuse our brothers in Christ before us. Let us listen to Jesus and be friends with Jesus. Let us love brothers, let us love sisters, let us win this battle with the enemy and we will be friends of Jesus. “I no longer call you servants, for a servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, because everything I heard from my Father I have made known to you. You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit and that your fruit would last, that whatever you would ask the Father in my name, he would give you. This I command you to love one another. It is already on the other side of the water when we died and rose to the new life. Let us love each other as a new creature in Christ and let us be friends of Christ. Amen.