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I would like to discuss two verses from the Gospel of Luke, 9 chapters 23 and 24, before our Lord, so that He who is, Almighty God, may receive glory from us, because he is worthy of glory. Let us turn our eyes, our thinking, away from all things. Let us begin to look at the Word of God, let us begin to be ready to hear it as it is given to us. Let us be ready to accept them, let us be ready, knowing that God's Word is our life. The Lord has spoken the words which are spirit and life. Open your hearts wide, because your eternal life depends on whether you accept and keep them. Not only here, not just days without illness, days when you can allow yourself to eat a lot, run a lot, you feel so healthy and lively. Not only such days. But all eternal life depends on it. Because Jesus said that whoever keeps His Word will never see death.

And I wish we could be very sensitive to that Word. It works in the spiritual dimension, so a person cannot grab it right away. If I gave you chocolate, you could take a bite and taste it right away and say it's sweet. When I give you the Word, you can't take it right now, you must accept it and let it work in you and do what it was sent with. You have to slowly taste the Word within you. You must keep it in your heart until it is full with what it was sent to you with. Then you will be successful. If not, you have lost, you have lost something that God said. And each of His Word has the highest value.

       "And he said to everyone: If anyone wants to come after me (...)"

For now we will deal with this - "if anyone wants to come after me". Jesus does not say, "all of you, follow me." No, he doesn't say to the whole world: "follow me". Rather, it says "if who wants to". There is no compulsion. Sometimes we find that people are following the Lord as if they were compelled, as if someone were forcing them, as if someone were necessarily compelling them to follow Jesus. They resist, they fight people who admonish them, they figure out how to get past them, how to deceive them, how to present the matter completely differently. When a brother asks his brother out of concern, because he sees something wrong: "brother, I see that something is wrong with you", the brother replies: "why, everything is great!" And you know there is no greatness in his life. Jesus says "who will." So it depends, if a man wants to, he will not hide, he will not present a different image to the eyes of his brothers.

Jesus said, "come to me, all you weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest." "If Who Wants". Sometimes a man follows Jesus because he has been promised some miracles, some wonderful experiences - "you will have better vision than drugs or other things, you will have many more different things, and healing will come to your family." You don't go out like this after Jesus. In order to follow Jesus, you must want Him, and a great desire must arise in your heart: I want to be with Him. Then you will leave. The wish, as I have read recently, comes from God. Without God, there is no wanting. Well, if God doesn't want you, you'll never follow Jesus. Man himself cannot want to follow Jesus, because it is too great a price for man. She costs him his whole life, not just a few snippets of days.

Do you want to follow Jesus? How many people do something forcibly today? For example, they go to the meeting because they have to, or they won't go because somehow they are not getting along. They really don't want to follow Jesus, but they are afraid of the consequences when they die and want to ensure their safety somehow. And then they try to pretend. But no one will ever deceive Jesus. He is the exact Judge, He knows the heart and the kidneys. They don't want to follow Jesus, they want to protect themselves, just as in the world man takes care of himself.

If anyone wants to follow Jesus, he will leave it all, just as Matthew left his duty behind and followed the Lord. "Follow me" meant to him, "leave it and follow me". Did we follow Jesus this way? Let me tell you that those who set out in this way are going and growing to this day. All those who did not leave on the "if" basis are lame to this day and need to be constantly supported. But there is still hope all the time, because this "if" works all the time. You can have this willingness to follow Jesus today. Come on out.

Here I am going to talk about the way to follow Him. How the Lord requires you to follow Him. Then you will be safe on this pilgrimage and will not be disappointed in this One Christ. For there are many such "Christs" who will provide you with certain things here on earth, but will not give you real victory.

         Who is ready to cross? The one who knows what its greatness is, what its action is. Jesus was ready to cross because he knew that the cross would have some effect in our lives. And now, who will be ready to cross, to die? The one who will know his death matters.

         I will talk about the first condition for following Jesus - "let him deny himself." Who among us has already denied ourselves? What does it mean to "deny yourself"? It means to deny everything you are. Have you already denied? Do you still have old life values ​​that you are dragging along with you? It means that you haven't met the first condition at all - you haven't denied yourself. Let me tell you why it is so important to deny yourself - because all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Do you want to deny that you lack the glory of God? Do you want to deny that you are a sinner who has no hope? Do you want to deny that you, by yourself, cannot be saved and saved? Do you want to deny that you are not smart and cunning enough to win against the devil? That Adam and Eve sinned even though they were in Paradise, and you are the legacy of their sin and are inclined to sin because you were born after them? Are you ready to deny who you are after Adam and Eve? Are you ready to deny all the wisdom man has acquired through sin?

Paul was ready to deny all the wisdom he had acquired through human teachings. Although he was a wise man, he said he was removing it all so as not to obscure the cross. The cross does not need wise preaching. The cross needs people who will really want it, who will see that they cannot get to the Lord until they invite all their possibilities. You will leave some of your options for yourself, and these opportunities will not allow you to go to the cross, they will not allow you to go to the cross. You will be afraid all the time, and you will hide and hide. Until you deny everything you are, you cannot truly join the cross. The cross will never really hold the proper value for you. However, you will have a good opinion of yourself, you will think well of yourself, and you will speak well, even though inside you know it is not good that the Bible is contradicting your words and saying that your condition needs self-denial.

This is the best that a person can do - deny himself. This is not anguish, it has nothing to do with anguish. This is the most beautiful opening. Do you like yourself as a human walking on the world dimension? Do you enjoy walking around the world and doing what the world does? Do you like it when you resemble this world, when you look in the mirror, when you look at this or that thing? Do you think Christ came to be this or that? When you see these values ​​and don't run away from them, then self-denial is very close to you because you know you want to be with Him.

         Let's see what the world looks like: murder, homicide, pride, pride and carnal love. Do you see how much this went into the Church? Because people did not deny themselves, but went by the water. As many came out of Egypt and they didn't deny themselves both the cucumbers and the garlic, and all these things continued to drag them back. They walked across the water, but it didn't help because their heart was still with Egypt. They did not deny themselves, so the desert was not for them a place of glory, victory, or learning to walk with God. It was a nuisance for them. That is why many people today have called the cross a great nuisance. The cross is not a nuisance. The cross has a different value, a different task to be performed, which I will also talk about later. But I still want to stick to self-denial.

Did you hate yourself? Have you hated all that is of this world? Did you hate your parents in the world, hate your wife in the world, hate your son and daughter in the world, hate the evil in them? Do you hate yourself or do you already hate yourself with the value of this world? And you really hate yourself with the value of this world and are you ready to deny everything? And won't you go on with anything that comes from their sinful body and theirs? Then you are on your way to victory. This is the way you start to use what Jesus has done for you - the open way. It was possible thanks to Jesus. Without Jesus, you couldn't deny yourself. There was no such possibility, there was no open road for you to go out, so it was not even possible to truly deny yourself.

They could only moan over their condition, because it was not yet given to them. They prophesied for us, they talked about these things for us. And now it has hit us. We can do it now. We can, because we have seen evil, evil and evil everywhere in the world, evil getting bigger and bigger. So this also drives us even more to deny ourselves like this world, to love this world or the things in this world. Because the world is going to perdition and we all know it, but who is willing to deny those who don't like this world? Who is comfortable with Christ in prayer? The one who crossed the cross. This one is fine there. For the one who still remains in the world it is a nuisance, a difficulty. He must deny himself, he must really affirm that in such a state he is unfit for the Kingdom of God, that as long as there is evil in him, he cannot enter eternity with this evil. Because no evil will enter eternity. Therefore, there is a cross behind self-denial, that you may die.

You know and I know that, as people without Jesus, we cannot do anything that pleases God. We know it, but do we value it so as to disown ourselves? When you stand up for prayer, who are you counting on? Are you counting on your prayer or on Jesus? If you have denied yourself, you are counting on Jesus and not on your prayers. Then you get up from your knees and you are still counting on Jesus, you are calm. But if you count on yourself, if something doesn't come, you slowly rebel. Like Saul, "how long do I have to wait isn't coming?" And if you are counting on the Lord, you know that He is not late. But you have to disown yourself because you are impatient. You wish you had it immediately.

Are you ready to deny yourself and wait patiently for what the Lord will do? You must survive the cross. Only behind the cross is patience. There is victory behind the cross. This is all behind the cross. There is constipation in front of the cross. You must understand that you are unfit for the Kingdom of God if there is evil in you. For all those who do evil cannot enter the kingdom of God. We agree with that. I think that when a man agrees that God cannot let him into eternity with such a state, because he is holy, then he knows that to deny himself, it really is something very important. When you are afraid of something, you are afraid of something, you need to deny those things. You need to experience that the cross on your way is not some great sacrifice for the Lord. Not. The cross on your way is the place where you are to die, where nothing is left to remain. And you are ready because you have denied yourself. You don't kick on the cross, you don't shout: "let me go, leave me alone" because you want that cross. You really want it because you know that if you don't die, you won't get the next things.

         So the cross is of great value to us. Are we aware that we will not do anything without Jesus? Is it still functioning in your consciousness that you can cope, that you can, that you can, and are you still doing your things in the Church today? Because you can do them, you are a free man, you can do whatever you want. After all, who has the right to tell you anything because you think you are a free man? You are before self-denial, you are still a member of this world. There are no such free people behind the cross. Behind the cross are people who are slaves of Christ and who work for the Lord, who already have their whole lives devoted to Him. The new life is beyond the cross, and the old one is not washed away, because death has engulfed them. The cross will not let anyone through until it dies.

Many flee from the cross. The Lord Jesus said that many go out but do not find and come back. I want to show you not to come back, not to go around and say: "I really want to do well, but it doesn't work for me and I have no choice, it must be like that". Does not have to. God made a way so that it didn't have to be that way.

         Have you denied all the possibilities of your religion, all religious prayers that do not depend on Jesus? Have you denied all the days that blasphemed God with your disobedience, when you ate His food, drank His drink, dressed in His clothes and took advantage of His creation, yet blasphemed Him and cursed Him and complained about Him? Will you deny these days? Are they bad or did you like them? Do you want to come back to them and say "it used to be fun"? Then there is no guarantee for your eternal life. The guarantee of your eternal life is when you die here on earth, because this earth can only be left by death. And the death of Christ made it possible for us to leave it before the physical death, in the death of Christ, so that we could begin to live a new life right here.

         May the Lord be glorified. Better to know the truth than not to know it and follow the path of false rejoicing to perdition. You have to deny yourself. Until you deny yourself, you cannot live a true Christian life, it is impossible. I say it with 100% certainty - impossible. You will not break through your own "I", you will not be able to properly take anything of the good things of the Lord. Thread! It will all just be smeared with your wisdom, your eloquence, your actions, what you were before. But what is the power of the acting Lord will not be there.

         Do you still want to live as you do? Do you prefer to deny yourself, throw everything away? As Paul said, "I cast all my righteousness to dust because I have seen a greater, greater justice that will most certainly lead me to eternity with God. I want to put on it." But first he had to go through the cross, he had to die for his justice.

         I would like us to open Romans 8: 3-4:

         "For what the law could not accomplish, that it was weak because of the flesh, God did it: by sending His Son in the form of a sinful flesh, He condemned sin in the flesh by sending the righteous demands of the law to us who did not we walk in the flesh, but in the Spirit. "

         That is why the Lord Jesus Christ came to do what the law could not do in us. The law could not change our nature. He could only say that because you sin you are going to death, that the wages of sin is death. The legitimate demands of the law are carried out on those who no longer walk after the flesh, but after the Spirit. They are right, the law is good. It is useful when those who use it use it appropriately. He serves man, so that he is convinced that he is a sinner, that he needs help, that the Son of God came to set us free. There was life for life. In 2 Corinthians it says that if we have certainty, conviction, and this is what we are, that if He died, we too died, then Christ loves such people. The cross is death.

 We could talk about baptism, about immersion into Christ's death, but I think we will leave it for another time. I would like us to see how many things the cross has to do in us. Jesus Christ came in a sinful body to be so crucified. And we are also crucified in him in the body of sin. So our death is the death of a sinner. He was made sin for us. So there the sinner dies, in him we died for the world, for ourselves, for all things. It is the task of the cross so that all the things that still connected us with the old world may die in us. We denied it, but it is still not enough. The cross makes us die. Behind the cross, a new life awaits us, but the cross must lead us to death.

And I would like us to see the cross in God's dimension, not only in some human dimension. As we read in the Letter to the Colossians, God triumphed on the cross. There the powers of darkness were exposed and exposed to the outside so that we could see what happened and how they ruled, how they guided, how they led the people. There, in Jesus Christ, the Father triumphed, opened the possibility for us to be freed from the power of darkness. The power of darkness is such that you have to do what it wants, you have to live as the devil wants. You have to because you haven't died for him yet. He is still the tester, the discerner, who will test it exactly whether you, as you, are still alive or not. He will come to you every day and test you whether you have died or not. If you are not dead, he will drag you into his stuff and you will have to do what he wants. When you die, you won't have to. Death is a gain for us because we are freed from the power of darkness and they can no longer enslave us. And then it does not matter at what age a person lives. This victory and triumph is the same for all ages until the Lord comes.

So let us see the cross as a triumph, as God's victory. Let us see it as something that has value for us and the Word of God says that the cross is a power to live. Who can tame this old man? Who can keep it? Nobody. He must die. Do we want death? Do we want to die for everything in this world? Whoever loves the world is an enemy of God. Do we want to die? The Lord Jesus says that this is the condition for following Him.

See how much evil we would have avoided if we had entered into these two things: denied ourselves and died for all the things that came to the cross with us. Everyone worries what happiness. But there is even greater happiness for us - all alive, but already as new creatures. It is happiness when we know what God has given us in Christ, and the Holy Spirit makes us known to these things to come, fills our hearts with heaven today, and empowers us to rejoice in the presence of the Lord. We no longer deal with old things, they no longer attract us at all. We have been set free through the cross.

         Paul says: "The cross is my glory, because I died on it for the world, and the world for me." And he says that whoever follows this rule is blessed. So something wonderful happened for us on the cross. At last I can live for God, at last the bondage of darkness is over, finally neither the devil, nor sin, nor my flesh is my master. Everything died, everything was lost. This is the way for us humans. How do we like her? Jesus says, "Life for life. I gave life so that you could be saved, and now you give me your life so that I can do what you need to be saved." Do you like your life? You can leave them for yourself. I don't like it very much, I hate it, I want Jesus life. I want a life worthy of God who made heaven and earth, things visible and invisible, and I know the Lord has a lot of work to do to guide us through this. But I have to want it, I have to want His hand over me, I have to want His work, I have to accept His conditions, I have to submit to the action of faith. I have to experience when He guides me through faith in Him, when I can only rely on Him and find nothing in myself to rely on. It is a necessity for me not to run away somewhere, not to perish in this experience of life on earth.

         Are we glad that death is on our way, that the old man ends his old life in Christ, that such a thing happened on this earth, that Christ came to this earth in the same body to bear the consequences of our faults, our iniquities and that in Him we may find death to all things? Do we like it? Do we appreciate it? If not, where are we actually? What are we doing? What have we learned in this Christian life? Maybe the fact that we believe in Christ has finally given us the freedom to sin and go to eternity? Certainly not! Grace doesn't say you can sin. Rather, grace says: "stop sinning, stop rebelling against God, stop looking for other ways to eternity."

         God has only one path. And do you like that God has given you His way out? Many people have shown it in such a terrible way that they don't even want to climb on it because they are afraid. See how people are afraid to trust in God. How they fear to seek God's kingdom and its righteousness, because they fear that God will surely not give them everything they need. They are afraid, they do not trust God, although they walk on His land, they look at His heaven, although thanks to Him they live. Where is the problem? They are deceived. So let us treat the cross as a truly wonderful triumph, a victory won by our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us regard it as the glorious victory of our God and let us give glory to Him for the cross. But we will only really give Him glory when we use it. It is not enough just to talk about it, but we must take advantage of it. Then we give God glory when we submit to God's will by faith and say, “Yes, God, this really is the only way. The old had to die before the new could emerge. "

        The Lord never frightened people with any things, never showed in such pictures that anyone would get scared. Not. It is a great honor for us to deny ourselves, because by denying ourselves we have the life of Christ given to us before us. Then how would we not deny ourselves when we have something so wonderful from God? The cross is the end of our rebellion, our playfulness. How could we see it as a nuisance ?! This is a blessing from God for us and for every other person who needs salvation from their sins. We will also discuss another boon later.

          I'd like us to turn to Hebrews, 10th chapter. I would like to cover this entire chapter. I read from the first line:


         “For the law, which contains only a shadow of the good things to come, and not the mere image of things, can never, by the same sacrifices, constantly offered year after year, bring perfection to those who come with them. For would they not have ceased to be sacrificed if those who sacrificed them had no longer any consciousness of sins when they were once cleansed? "

God's Word says: wouldn't these sacrifices have ceased already if people were already fully aware that they had been freed from all that was sin, rebellion against God? That their conscience is already clean in Christ? Their conscience already freed from the sinner's nature through this one sacrifice? Wouldn't they stop making sacrifices then, wouldn't they stop saying, "God, do something for me?" Wouldn't it be taken as something God has already done? Wouldn't it be accepted to free your conscience from all the baggage of sin, from all the baggage that does not allow you to normally come to the Creator, to God? Wouldn't various trials and combinations be stopped, if it came to man that God removes all sins from him, from his conscience, and that he can rest before God, can rejoice before God? This is what the cross is doing to strip away our body of sin. In Colossians it says that the flesh of sin has been torn off the body. As if two bodies; one flesh visible, and the other sinful, lustful, seeking its own. It was stripped off in the cross, we were circumcised on the cross of that body. This body, visible to all, still functions, but in a different law. The Holy Spirit made this body function for God, and we want it too. We thank you and we do not quench the Holy Spirit. We want him to put us in this way. So how great it is: I am no longer aware of sin. I am not aware of separation from God.

         I want to show you one thing - when the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross, he exclaimed in such a terrible way: "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" And I understood that sin separated the Son of God from the Father. And so does sin separate us from God. If there is sin in your conscience, you are separated. You cannot rejoice before God, you cannot rejoice. But the cross came to destroy sin once and for all. You have an Advocate in heaven, not so that you can sin, but that if you sin, you can take advantage and move on. This cross matters. Take it on yourself every day, take it every day. Take your death daily. Why should you live if you can't, if you can't, when you are so drawn to the world? What would you live for, take up the cross daily.

         How many things would not happen in a person's life if he took his cross daily from the cross of Christ and followed Jesus. Such victims, according to the previous injunction, unbelieving victims do a certain thing. On the contrary, they bring sins to mind every year. I am telling you, the gospel is power to live, it is powerful! Whoever accepts it becomes a free man, he becomes a different person. She changes him, she changes his interior, she will make him a hero, make him brave. He will be sure that it happened, that on this earth the Son of God took His steps, that He walked on this earth, that He went to the Cross, and that He had already told His disciples that it was better for them. He said many times that he would like this fire to come to earth already, to set fire to us for God. He cared for all of us because He loves us. That is why he has set out for us the surest path. If he only took the old man and wanted to improve him, it would be fighting, as you have seen with Egypt in their hearts. They had a law, they had everything, they had a temple, God was in their midst, they could come. And you see how much evil there was, how much iniquity. Man had to die for a new life to emerge. You couldn't mix it up because it just couldn't. Sin even used a good law to show its greatness and power over man.

         So if we want to be free, let's accept it, let's deny ourselves, and take up the cross. Our conscience will be purified. You can worship and praise God. And the devil slanderer has nothing to do with you, he can come, but when you have your cross, you go and you have nothing to do with it. You don't listen to him anymore, you don't listen to his accusations, you don't listen to his whispers. You're already dead. You give everything to Jesus, Jesus is your life, you can rest. He will not neglect you, He said He will not leave you, He will not forsake you, He will lead you to your goal. As I read yesterday, Jesus will lead you to eternity, to God.

Do you believe Jesus? Do you believe the Father? What can keep you from believing? Sin, disbelief, distrust, insecurity. This is a sin that prevents God from believing what He said. So, deny it all and confess to God that you belong to Him, that He has opened the way through the Cross, that death is your gain.

"By that will, we are sanctified by offering the body of Jesus Christ once and for all." Hebrews 10:10.

"For by one offering he has made perfect forever those who are sanctified." Hebrews 10:14.

Beautiful, powerful words, right? "One victim is perfect once and for all." We already have it and we must strive for it. This is what teaching is for us. What does God's Word say about new life? How is the new man to live? There is instruction, there is the Word of God, that those who are born may reach their masculine perfection and can eat milk for the time being, and later also permanent food. That's what God's Word is for. But in order for a man to be born, he must first die, and that is what Christ's death is for, and that's why baptism is on the way. This is an important thing as you immerse yourself professing His Name, but more on that next time.

“The Holy Spirit also bears witness to us; For after he said, This is the covenant which I will make with them after those days, says the Lord: I will put My laws in their hearts and write them on their minds, he adds: And I will remember their sins and their iniquities no more. And where there is forgiveness, there is no more sacrifice for sin. ”Hebrews 10: 15-18.


Jesus said to many people, "go and sin no more." Is it possible for a man not to sin? I do not believe. But for the dead, I believe. A dead man does not sin. You can give him all sorts of things - if he was an alcoholic, you can put a lot of bottles next to his coffin or where he lies. He won't touch it anymore, he is dead. A dead man sins, a living old man sins. So death is the end of the old man so that he will no longer sin. Sin is rebellion against God, this is unbelief, this is distrusting Him. This is a sin, because it is through tempting the devil that it got into the human heart.

"Therefore, brothers, trusting that we have access to the temple through the blood of Jesus, a new and living way, which He has opened for us through the veil, that is, through His body, and of the great priest over God's house, let us enter it with a sincere heart, fully of faith, cleansed in their hearts from a bad conscience and washed on their body with clean water; let us hold steadfastly to the hope we confess, for he who made the promise is faithful; and let us watch over one another in order to stimulate ourselves to love and good works, ”Hebrews 10: 19-24.

Let us do, so let us live now that we have been set free. And if we are not freed, let us accept it. All of us who went into the water of baptism said, "Lord, no more my life, I hate it." And when you came out of the water of baptism, you said, "Lord, new life at last!" How did the eunuch come out of this water? He said, "still trouble." No, he rejoiced, and with the joy of Christ within himself he went on. Philip went on his way, and the eunuch, already a Christian, rejoiced; he got a new life. Let us always use it. This new life is experiencing different experiences, because it is the life of Christ. This is Christ in us, the hope of glory. When all of this was stripped off you, then, being freed from your body of sin, you became ready for God to dwell in you as His temple.

This way is the way of the cross, but also the way of triumph, the way of overcoming sinful man. Do you believe that Jesus came to die, to defeat us completely? Are you sure that it is a boon to you, that you are defeated, that you have absolutely no hope in yourself? Only the everlasting Christ has become this hope. This is only hope, it does not disappoint, because God's love is poured into our hearts.

Then it's about willful sin. It affects the new man. If the new man returns to willful sin, woe to him. "Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord." You know when a man goes back to willful sin? Then when he considers himself the common and worthless blood of Christ. When there is no value for him, the sacrifice of Christ. “It doesn't mean anything to me that He died on the cross, His sacrifice gives me nothing. I have to make my own way in my life, I have to get to heaven on my own. " This is not how the new man can think, since the old man is already dead, only the apostate can think so.

The blood of Jesus is of great importance to us every day, because it cleanses us from dead works. She makes the old man unable to come back to life in his sin. She separates the old deeds from the new life. And then you have fellowship with God. And behind this teaching, behind this word is God. He is ready to do it in us. When you go down that road, He is ready to do it in you and validate every Word He has written here through His chosen ones.

We read further:

“Remember the days of the past when, after your enlightenment, you endured many struggles with afflictions, whether you were exposed in public to insults and torments, or when you stood faithfully with those who were so dealt with. For you suffered along with the prisoners and accepted with joy the looting of your property, knowing that you yourself possess better and lasting wealth. ”Hebrews 10: 32-34.

I am often so sad when I talk about self-denial, about the cross, and see my head bowed in front of me, as if I am now preaching the worst news for this man. But I am talking about the most beautiful thing that could happen to us humans. About triumph, about success, about sacrifice, about this Love that came to meet us. This is not hitting us humans. This is God's hand extended to us. The devil wants us to distort this truth.

“Do not abandon your trust, therefore, which has a great reward. For you need perseverance so that when you do God's will, you may get what He has promised. " Hebrews 10:35, 36.

Perseverance. God's will is that we come to Jesus. To come to Jesus, you must deny yourself, you must enter into Him. That's how it got to me, these words mean that you must first enter into Jesus in order to exit through the cross in Him. You must first enter, so if you deny yourself, you will enter into Jesus. If you do not deny, you will not enter, because He will not let anyone into Him who has not denied the old life. So let us remember about perseverance, let us remember that this is a battle for eternal life, that the old believers are even more in love with the Lord, because they know Him even more, they value even more what He has done. And young believers have great encouragement in old believers because they see how they love Jesus even more, because they know Him more. Is it anyway? It should be right or so? May it be so in each of us. Let it be an encouragement to all those who take this path: "look, he lives for so many years and how passionate he is." And such things make me happy because it is the Lord. Paul said the body deteriorates, but the spirit is renewed every day.

So let us remember and persevere in this belonging to Christ. Jesus said, "whoever abides in me will bear much fruit, but whoever does not abide will be thrown out." You must abide in Christ who is dead so that you can be in Christ risen. Resurrection is a new life. From this point on, following Jesus begins.


“For just a little while longer, and the One who is coming will come, and he will not delay; and my righteous one will live by faith; but if he withdraws, My soul will not be pleased with him. Hebrews 10:37, 38.

If you go back into the world, how will God be pleased in you, as you have given up on his Son, out of his love. How? I don't believe in a God who likes it. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, the apostle Paul wrote that whoever loves Jesus Christ is happy, and whoever does not love Him is accursed. Because God does not love all people in the sense that He brings them to eternity. He loves them in the sense that he will lead them out of their slavery to sin. And if a man steps back and gives up, he will remain angry.

"But we are not of those who turn back and perish, but of those who believe and keep the soul." Hebrews 10:39.

I wish it was about us. And then our gatherings will be great gatherings. You know, when the Holy Spirit works in a man, his heart rejoices before God - "new life, how wonderful, just a little longer and I will be with the Lord, I will see Him." Fervent and waiting for this time shows that you believe that you are preparing for this day, that you want to be found clothed, not stripped, that you value God's Word, the teaching of the Lord, and want to live by it. If you leave self-denial, cross and follow Christ, where will you go? Jesus says: "Whoever does not gather with me scatters, he is already against me." Where will you go if you don't gather with Christ, follow Him? Where will you be?

Do you see how important it is to really know the doctrine of the Lord, to be in the place “thanks to you I know what to do, Lord”? By faith I take advantage of it. And this is reaching me, and the Holy Spirit is behind me to do it in me.

So, to follow Christ, I have to die. I cannot follow Jesus with dirty hands, with dirty feet and say: "This is the Lord Jesus Christ." He is holy. I can share with you a testimony that after some years of Christianity, when I last knelt before God, at this point it dawned on me so clearly that He is holy. At that moment, I was terrified of understanding His holiness, and it lasted for a while. In a moment, while I was in this terror, it struck me so clearly in my mind, "You can stay before me only because of the blood of Jesus," and at that moment I was overjoyed to be with God. He is truly holy and He wants to be with holy people, cleansed by the blood of Jesus every day. Everything else will burn in His heat. Truly, nothing can stand by a holy God that is unholy, unclean, defiled. Only what is clean, holy and spotless will stand, and this is what we have in Christ. So how important it is to be with Him.

The Lord Jesus also said such words: "if you walk under My yoke, under My burden, you will learn humility and meekness." You will be able to follow Jesus by walking with Him. To walk with Him, you must have a new life. He is risen. He is no longer in the tomb, He has already left this place. No one will ever be crucified again, never again will he come to die for people. He will come for His chosen ones, for His beloved.

So behind this, there is imitation, a beautiful imitation. We can see that when Jesus came to this earth, the light came and enlightened every person. The light enlightened those with whom he was. As I saw, all the demons knew that the Light had appeared on this earth - "have you come already?" And this Light has been poured into us, into His people. And all the demons knew who Paul was, they knew what the Light that dwelt in Paul was.

And He would give God that we would follow Christ in such a way that we would walk with Him and that it would be the highest honor for us, that we could walk under one yoke with Him, under one burden, so that none of us would say that this new life is a nuisance. "It's so hard because I have to give it up all the time for my Christ, because this world is so stubborn, so stubborn, and I have to give up on Christ." If you give up Christ, you fear the world, not God. If you fear God, you give up the world. What will the world do to you? Will it take your life? And when it takes away, what else can it take from you? If you want to go to eternity, don't be afraid of the world. Deny it, go into the cross, into your death in Christ through faith, and follow Him. Let your life belong to Him already. He will care and worry about it, and now you belong to Him, worship Him, honor Him, respect Him, read His Word, know His will. You now have this opportunity to seek God's kingdom and His righteousness, because you know God will provide you with whatever you need. As he calculated your pilgrimage for twenty more years, he will feed you and clothe you for twenty years. He will give you everything so that you have time to be with Him. Paul wrote that whoever looks for the things of this world brings himself sufferings, not crucially, but worldly. Because then he is tormented and tired of things. He can't be free and happy anymore.

So let us follow the Lord. Our Lord was always free, never bound by the world. He could always say what is God's will. The world could only kill Him, but it could not stop Him from rising from the dead and going to the Father. Nor will he stop us from rising from the dead and going to the Father. We just have to be in this condition - follow Jesus.

Many say, "I don't know what to do." One would have to advise: deny yourself and enter the cross, then you will know what to do. Because the Word of God says the Holy Spirit will come with all of this, because you are destined in Jesus to do good works. You will know what to do. God will give it to you. You will be filled with it because He wants you to walk in this yoke. Then you will learn all of these and you will experience these things.

May the Lord be glorified in this. Jesus Christ prayed for us that those who would believe in Him would receive the same glory He had here on earth. What glory did the Lord Jesus have on earth? The glory of suffering, the glory of rejection, the glory of abuse, the glory of insults, and misunderstanding. And he went through it all and came to perfection in obedience to the Father, and he prayed that we would receive the same glory as well. That is why Peter could have written that if you endure suffering, rejoice in it, because God's Spirit is upon you. Amen.


Job’s suffering – part 3

Job’s suffering – part 3


            Sometimes there are great sufferings that one has to endure, but then one is even closer to God.

Let’s notice that Job’s suffering increases very quickly. When his friends come, they are already biased against him. The devil biases them against Job and will use them to destroy Job. When Eliphaz speaks (God says to Eliphaz: “go with your friends to Job), we read in chapter 4, 5-17:

“But now it comes to you, and you are impatient; it touches you, and you are horrified. Is your fear of God not your confidence, and the integrity of your ways your hope? Remember now, who ever perished being innocent? Or where were the upright destroyed? According to what I have seen, those who plow wrongdoing and those who sow trouble harvest it. By the breath of God they perish, and by the blast of His anger they come to an end. The roaring of the lion and the voice of the fierce lion, and the teeth of the young lions are broken out. The lion perishes for lack of prey, and the cubs of the lioness are scattered. Now a word was brought to me secretly, and my ear received a whisper of it. Amid disquieting thoughts from visions of the night, when deep sleep falls on people, dread came upon me, and trembling, and made all my bones shake. Then a spirit passed by my face; the hair of my flesh stood up. Something was standing still, but I could not recognize its appearance; a form was before my eyes; there was silence, then I heard a voice: Can mankind be righteous before God? Can a man be pure before his Maker?

Someone stands in front of this man. Job is righteous, fearing God, pure and he still stays true to God. God also has such an opinion of him. And now Eliphaz is to call into question the truth that is present in Job’s life – “Would God call down his righteous man? Would God take everything away from his righteous man? Would God make you sick now? You must have done evil. Recall if someone ever died while being innocent or if the righteous people were exterminated. After all, your children died.”

Do you understand it? A friend comes to you and he says: “Recall, has it ever been like this? You didn’t see to your children. They had sinned and so they died. They died because of their sins. You are also going through it all because of your own sins. Confess only to your sins. We’ll try to figure it out, Job.” (We’ll try to figure it out, but no longer with the righteous man of God, but with the sinner who has turned away from God).

See how tricky the enemy is. He’s trying all the time to get Job to start thinking in a different way. Job thinks in God’s way all the time and he turns to God with everything; God is in the first place in his heart. The devil’s intention is to change his way of thinking: “Job, doubt in your honesty and doubt in what you have experienced with God.” Later, we will see the pressure increasing. It can be said that Job’s friends are getting annoyed that Job doesn’t want to agree to what they offer him. They offer him an honorable way out: “Job, admit that you are the sinner and we, your friends, will somehow solve this problem.” However, Job refuses to accept such a way out. He wants to stay where he was before. Job wants to be with God. He wants to ask God and find out the reason of this suffering. His statements are those of a man who is in pain. His children died and he doesn’t understand what’s going on.

Job begins to say words that he addresses to those people, expecting that his friends will want to say something that will help him understand what’s going on now. They bowed very easily to pressure of the devil and have already figured out what was happening to Job: “Job, you have sinned and now, we only have to get the place of your sin out of you.” If Job had really sinned and wanted to cover it, he would have been an unrighteous, false and hypocritical man. But Job was the righteous man, so he didn’t hide anything.

In the Book of Job 8, 4-6, we can read:

“If your sons sinned against Him, then He turned them over to the power of their wrongdoing. If you will search for God and implore the compassion of the Almighty, if you are pure and upright, surely now He will stir Himself for you and restore your righteous estate.”

Do you understand? “Your sons sinned against God and then He turned them over to the power. Job, start to think like this; it really is a punishment. If you confess to it, God will get you out of your disease. Just confess, this is the punishment for their sins. You don’t have to endure this pain. Confess and then God will heal you. He will get you out of this disease.” Someone might say: “Whatever, I’m sick of it. I don’t care.” But Job said: “Even if I was killed, I will stand my ground. I know how I walked with God. I know how I watched it. I know and God knows it as well.”

Although God still doesn’t speak with Job and the devil tries in various ways to speak to him, drag him into his trap (as he once dragged Eve, Adam and other people) and play with him, Job has a sincere heart and his statements are also sincere. He doesn’t understand, but he is genuine. Even when he’s outraged, he’s sincere, he isn’t a hypocrite and the devil can’t cause a false way of thinking in him to sow a thought that he could later use against Job to keep him from God. “Take it, accept it, we’ll figure it out.”

In 8, 13, we can read:

“So are the paths of all who forget God; and the hope of the godless will perish.”

Job could have said: “You are bad comforters. What did you make up? Who is speaking through you?” In Job, the Spirit of God who is in him begins to act and Job begins to notice that these are his friends who need his help! Job already understands that they are deluded and when they want to go away, he says to them: “Don’t go away, stay. I have news for you.” Job is really important to them, even if he’s sick and attacked. Do you understand? What a great power of  God’s action in man!

This man of God was attacked from all sides. You and I can be attacked more and more, even in dreams, by various things that would like to weaken us: “See, God left you and abandoned you. Why are you still in this? Why do you still obey the Word of God? Use the rest of your life, enjoy, have fun, take advantage at least of it.” But you know how you live with God. If you abide in Him, abide in Him to the very end. You gain your soul through perseverance. Don’t retreat! Don’t give up! This is a fight against the enemy who has similarly attacked our brothers and sisters in Christ in previous generations.

Let’s open Job 22, 3-9:

“Is itany pleasure to the Almighty if you are righteous, or gain if you make your ways blameless? Is it because of your reverence that He punishes you, that He enters into judgment against you? Is your wickedness not abundant, and is there no end to your guilty deeds? For you have seized pledges from your brothers without cause, and stripped people naked. You have given the weary no water to drink, and you have withheld bread from the hungry. But the earth belongs to the powerful man, and the one who is honorable dwells on it. You have sent widows away empty, and the strength of orphans has been crushed.”

            Do you understand what they are saying now?! Job cared about people, did good and they are saying now that he only did evil! “Does your piety matter to God?” The enemy becomes more and more distinguishable because of the fact that Job abides in the truth. The enemy is hidden. He has to launch more and more things to attack Job. He even runs out of arguments and attacks Job: “You did evil. God wouldn’t punish such a man. What is the gain of your piety? You lie in the ashes . God shows that it means nothing to Him.” But it did, right?

            Are you ready to watch your righteousness? Who is your Righteousness? Do you understand what we are leading up to? Jesus Christ is our righteousness. Are you ready to hold onto your Righteousness and not let go of at all? The Lord is our righteousness. The righteous person will live by faith, but the Lord is the benefit that generates an effective life here on earth. The fruit of this Righteous One is our action towards ourselves and other people. Are you ready to watch yourself?

            Job watched the Righteousness in which he lived before God’s face and although many things fell to him, he didn’t let go of it. Are you ready to stick with Christ so as to go through all adversities and not abandon it in order to sin and to live here in the world? You decide to walk with Him, you belong to Him all the time because He is your righteousness. You won’t let go of the Lord because He is your righteousness and you keep to it completely. You belong to Jesus. He is the most important to you. I think we will end here for today, we will end with our righteousness.

            You, me and each of us must hold onto the Lord with all our heart. We walk on this earth, we have different experiences, episodes, various information reaches us, but Jesus is perfect righteousness both for me and you. We have already climbed Golgotha, we have been crucified with Him to lead a new life today, belonging to Him. Thanks to the Righteousness, we can walk with God on the earth, belong to Him and be sure of our Christ. See that the devil also attacks Christ today. The devil says: “He wasn’t so righteous. He had a woman on the earth, Magdalene. He followed someone else.” They try to attack our Righteousness and if you want to be saved, hold onto the Lord as your righteousness. Belong to Him with all your heart and with all your life so that He could bestow His life on you and so that other people would experience help, love, grace, forgiveness, mercifulness, abstinence and doing good, just like the people who were with Job.

Don’t stop doing good, you have Righteousness. Do good, especially to those who live in faith. When Christ is your righteousness, then your life is vivacious, real, you are filled with the Lord, you live, abound and Christ emanates from you. This is not a plagiarism. This righteousness emanated from Job and was showed up on other people. In the same way: “The Lord is my righteousness” – it must be showed up and it must emanate. It revives us for God, therefore the devil will try to distort the righteousness, take away its perfection and take away its power over our sins. Christ died so that we would stop sinning and could lead a new life. Hold on tight, don’t let go of it, not to allow yourself to sin because it isn’t holding onto the Lord. Is it possible to hold onto someone so pure with impure hands? Is it possible to hold onto the Lord with impure thoughts, plans and still have your plans? A woman touched the Lord with faith and her disease disappeared. Whoever touched Him with faith was freed from this evil.

Remember that if this Righteousness ceases to have its value, then you will begin to live like the world. It’s always like this. If the Lord is no longer this perfect righteousness that on the cross of Golgotha perfectly fulfilled everything that the Father wanted so that He could forgive you and me that we could live a new life; and if Christ isn’t a gain for you and me to live a new life, then we gave back our Righteousness. If the devil succeeds in leaving Christ and living his own life, then we will die.

Job says some things that are also very important and we can listen to his statements, know his reactions, learning how he reacted. We are expected to fervently care about these Lord’s issues, to crave for them, to talk with God about them and to come to Him. People also expect us to knock to be opened so that we receive what’s necessary, that the Lord may be honored and that He may have us here on the earth for Himself. Although the enemy will discourage us, stop us, try to fascinate us with something else, it will be at the center of our lives. We already know that Job won, he passed the test and it’s important for God that we also pass the test so that He might have us in His eternity. Amen.


Job’s suffering – part 2

Job’s suffering – part 2



In suffering, you can think: “everything is against me” and then it’s important to know whether we belong to God because we own something or because He’s God who created us and who wants to have us with Him in His glorious eternity. It’s important to know whether we are addicted to a thing because we will be put to the test and those things will be affected. Will we then take offence at God or will we win? This is important whether our bonds with God are based on God or on things.

The devil can slowly work on us that when there is money, we are happy and when there is no money, we are sad. The devil wants to shape human character in such a way: I have, I don’t have, happiness, sadness. The devil wants to distract us from being satisfied that I am God’s property and I belong to God in order to make a human addicted to something earthly. What Paul later said that those who had thought about earthly things became the enemies of the cross. The devil succeeded in keeping them from the cross to earthly things and making that they are their happiness and not the fact that they died with Christ for the world, for sin and for themselves.

Job wins it. Thus, we can see how great work has been made in this man by God. The terrible news he had received didn’t overwhelm him. Job loved his children, sought them to be with him in eternity, cared about his animals and everything was taken from him, it was attacked and killed. However, Job overcomes all adversity, saying: “The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.” Notice that this is a lesson both for me and you because this test is very similar even now. “I have this and that, I have a good job and good connections, I can live here on earth, I’m safe and calm.” Do you understand? And then, the devil rules over the man. It’s enough for the enemy to move it and the man will be hurt, discouraged and offended at God. The devil came up with something that he knows he will take at some point, wanting the man to be addicted to him and so that this man would blaspheme against God and would die. This is also what the devil wanted to tell Job through his wife. And when the devil fails to do it and he returns from the earth, he comes before God again and God says to Satan once again: “Have you paid attention to my servant Job? For there is no one equal to him on the earth.” There is no one like him on the earth. There is no man on the earth like Job. He is unique. As Christ was unique. There was no one like Christ, so He was attacked. Job begins to experience the sufferings of Christ to whom his heart was very attached. Job knew that the Redeemer would stand over his grave one day.

“Yet as for me, I know that my Redeemer lives, and at the last, He will take His stand on the earth.” (Job 19, 25)

Job’s heart was attached to it, he satiated with it, but he didn’t expect God to lead him His Son’s way. We heard Darek said: so many people were healed, freed from possession, fed by Jesus and then as if the devil took them all. “You are left alone.” Maybe he even succeeded in persuading some people to shout: “kill him, kill him”. Jesus isn’t addicted. He’s free and independent to say: “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing”. Jesus wins the battle with the devil. Job wins and God says: “Have you seen it?”

“For there is no one like him on the earth, a blameless and upright man fearing God and turning away from evil. And he still holds firm to his integrity, although you incited Me against him to ruin him without cause.” Satan answered the Lord and said, “Skin for skin!” (Job 2, 3-4)

You know, this is also the suffering of our times. People are scared about their skin. When something appears, then suddenly fear arises and you need to see a doctor quickly to look after your skin. Do you understand it?

The devil says: “strike his skin, we will see if he’s still God-fearing and if he’s still so sure of You.” God says: “Behold, he is in your power, only spare his life.” (Job 2, 6) And the devil goes out and strikes Job. Severe boils appear all over Job’s body, from the sole of his foot to the top of his head. Only his lips remain healthy. Job must eat. Then, he uses those lips to talk with his friends. Not only was everything he loved and cared about taken away, but also his own body was attacked. It was a man who, when he entered the city gates, the young people stepped aside and the old people got up because they respected him. Many people knew that he was the man who had an open and beautiful heart. He was loving, smart and suddenly this man was brought to the ashes. He is sitting in the ashes. His own wife is disgusted by him and other people are disgusted by him. All his glory and dignity have been taken away from him. His own tent separated him from healthy people. Job is sitting in the ashes and what is he doing now? He says something very valuable to his wife:

You are speaking as one of the foolish women speaks. Shall we actually accept good from God but not accept adversity? Despite all this, Job did not sin with his lips.” (Job 2, 10)

We accept good from God, but can we also accept the suffering that will hurt us? Good and health are easy to accept, but will I also accept when my body is afflicted? Job wins again. He says: “I’m not with God because I’m healthy. I’m with God because my heart loves Him and belongs to Him. I want to be with Him forever. Although my body separates me from healthy people, from my wife, from all these dignities and although everyone is laughing at me now, I want to love Him.” And again, the suffering of Christ. When we watch Job’s life, we can watch Christ’s suffering. Christ was also laughed at, mocked and jeered at: “Look, He is supposedly so great and He ends up on the cross.” He was even spit at. Job was also spit at and people were showing: “Now, you are nothing to us”. Let’s watch this man’s suffering and notice that God is doing something of His in him. Job didn’t understand it at all back then. Job bases on what he has already experienced with God and what he has lived through with God up to now. He doesn’t understand what’s going on. This is beautiful!

In the Book of Job 23, we will read the statement of Job who exclaims:

“Then Job responded, Even today my complaint is rebellion; His hand is heavy despite my groaning. Oh that I knew how to find Him, that I might come to His home! I would present my case before Him and fill my mouth with arguments. I would learn the words which He would answer, and perceive what He would tell me. Would He contend with me by the greatness of His power? No, surely He would pay attention to me. There the upright would argue with Him; and I would be free of my Judge forever. Behold, I go forward but He is not there, and backward, but I cannot perceive Him; when He acts on the left, I cannot see Him; He turns to the right, but I cannot see Him. But He knows the way I take; when He has put me to the test, I will come out as gold. My foot has held on to His path; I have kept His way and not turned aside. I have not failed the command of His lips; I have treasured the words of His mouth more than my necessary food. But He is unique, and who can make Him turn? Whatever His soul desires, He does it. For He carries out what is destined for me, and many such destinies are with Him. Therefore, I would be terrified at His presence; when I consider this, I am frightened of Him. It is God who has made my heart faint, and the Almighty who has terrified me, but I am not destroyed by darkness, nor by deep gloom which covers me.” (Job 23, 1-17)

Job says: “I’m looking for God. I would like to check with Him. I would like to know…” “God, what’s going on now? I know I lived with You, walked with You and did what You want, and now, my God, I’d like to know and there is no answer.” All the suffering continues and Job still has no answer, but he knows that God has the answer. Job is sure that God knows, but he doesn’t know yet. And again, here is the patience through which we come into our promises. Again, there is this act of waiting. See how important it is for you to wait. You may not understand something at a given time, but it’s important to wait in the place of purity where God wants to see me. When God fulfils His will, then I will see what He wanted to do and I will see His glory.

In the Epistle to the Romans, we can read that God works for good in all things with those who cherish God. Job cherished God and God worked for good, but then Job didn’t see the goal God was leading him to. However, Job persists with it all the time and says: “I won’t get out of this way. Even if he kills me, I won’t get out of it. I know and I hold on tight (even with his teeth because only his teeth were healthy). I won’t let it go. Here I am and here I will stay.” Many people turn away during their suffering, but Job didn’t turn away from God. Do you also want to wait for God in the place of purity for Him to carry out His plan, belonging to Him with all your heart, not being pushed away from who He is and from His Divine plan for each of His children? Job isn’t aware of the fact that he’s just getting to know the suffering of His Redeemer, of Jesus Christ. He’s unaware of it. If we took the prophets, we would see similar suffering in their lives. Jeremiah also talks about it. Everyone experienced this suffering, but Job lived in ancient times. And this man of God had already experienced in his life that God worked on him on some secret issue that Job didn’t understand. But is it still secret to us? We are very happy observers. We have the Bible, we can read it and look at the experiences of earlier generations. We can have already revealed the mystery from ancient times, previously hidden, but revealed in Christ – that God wants us for Himself now and forever.

Recently, when I have read the Book of Job, I was so impressed with seeing the things that are written down here that I felt as if I was reading it for the first time. There are so many wonderful things here and they are so valuable and important for us that we might think that this Book is a great book.

We talked this morning and David said he was reading the Book of Ruth, and we noticed that when the Holy Spirit begins to introduce, you experience what the depth of God’s desires, God’s actions, God’s love and God’s influence is there. Wherever you immerse yourself with the Holy Spirit, there you experience God opening up your senses. You begin to perceive it and you say: “Really, it’s beautiful, it’s wonderful!” If we could read the Bible constantly with the Holy Spirit, we would walk in delight and we would crow over more than all the birds outside. We would be content with all the pleasures that are written down here because here God describes His influence, His action and His aspirations. That’s why, it’s so important that somebody introduces us into it (this is the Holy Spirit) that we could taste of this glory of God’s blessing.

Let’s see what Job knew and what today’s people don’t. Let’s read chapter 3, 17-20:

“There the wicked cease from raging, and there the weary are at rest. The prisoners are at ease together; they do not hear the voice of the taskmaster.” (Job 3, 17-18)

Do you understand it? Job knew that there were no taskmasters, no whips, no demons and no suffering in Hades, in hell. He knew what many people today don’t know. This is where the master and his servant lie next to each other and they are treated equally. Job knew about it.

“The small and the great are there, and the slave is free from his master. Why is light given to one burdened with grief, and life to the bitter of soul…” (Job 3, 19-20)

Job knew that it was already quiet there and one can no longer hear the voice. But Job knew that one day we would have to get up from there. It was said by Jesus in John 5:

“…the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God, and those who hear will live.” (John 5, 25)

“For a time is coming when all who are in the tombs will hear His voice, and will come out: those who did the good deeds to a resurrection of life, those who committed the bad deeds to a resurrection of judgment.” (John 5, 28-29)

We can see that Job knew about it, as he claims, from hearsay because then, people orally conveyed the news about God. One generation annunciated the greatness of God to the next generation. Job was before God. He belonged to God with all his heart. In this suffering of Job, the next step is a visit of his friends. We know how difficult was the suffering of Job. We know how difficult it is when your loved ones turn against you: “Do you still want to stick with this God? Leave Him. Note that He doesn’t make you happy and you have problems.” Job’s friends come to him, they see him and don’t recognize him because he changed a lot. Before, they saw him as a dignified and upright man, and now they see him as the man sitting in the ashes and having severe boils. They fell silent seeing it because it must have been a terrible view. We often think about ourselves not to look bad, but here is the depth of the humiliation. But whomsoever God humiliates, He exalts this person even more. (…)




Job’s suffering – part 1

Job’s suffering – part 1



Praise the Lord that we are still on earth and that there is still hope for us in Jesus Christ. How important it is whether the words of the Lord reach your heart or mine and whether these words do in us what God wants. May the words do this because the Lord sends them to rip us off sometimes, but also to heal us. Sometimes it’s necessary to rip something off and to tear away from us what we don’t want to let go. The Lord also sends these words to, after healing us, make us even more ready to go through the adversities we will encounter. And may these words also rip something off and let them heal us so that we might experience that God is with us. We are only a snatch of time on earth. We are a generation that has its own time. In the past, there were more generations that also had their own time. They were people just like us. They had their own desires, goals, experiences and they had to win the battle for their life.

To win – this is the first and indispensable thing. If you don’t feel that you’re at the point where your eternity is decided, whatever you hear, it won’t be strong enough for you to break you of anything that might lead you to the lake of fire. As long as it isn’t firmly rooted in the heart and in thinking that my fate is decided here, a man will think whether it’s worth giving up the pleasures of this world and whether it’s worth giving up the pleasure of my body, my ideas and my dreams. However, when the man already realizes that there are only two paths – one leads to eternity and the other leads to destruction, to the lake of fire – then the man decides to catch God to save himself. And we can see it.

We can see if the man begins to believe that there is eternity with God and eternal rejection from God. We can see it because the man no longer looks at other people, but he only looks at God and begins to save himself and take care of his eternity.

There was a man on earth who lived a long time ago – his name was Job. This man wanted to save himself. He believed and he wanted to save himself. He looked after the matters of his life. There might not be people around at all, but he looked after because he knew that there was God.

This is very important both for me and you whether you will personally care about your eternal life, whether you will crave for it, try to get it, do what is possible around you to keep it clean and not to go into evil. It’s very important not to think that if other people do it, I can do it too; not to think like that at all because there are only two paths – two places for people and every person is to go either to first place or to the other one. It’s not possible that the man was born on earth, lived there and didn’t get to any of these two places. It’s impossible. From the moment we were born, we are to get somewhere. We have to keep it in mind. If we want to run away from responsibility (“I don’t want to know anything”), we will die and nothing will help us that we don’t want to know anything (“I don’t know and I don’t want to know”, “why know?”, etc.).

The thing is to get to know, to learn, to understand what’s bad and what’s good, to be able to receive strength from God in order to reject evil and choose good.

We will talk a little about what happens in the Book of Job and we will spend some time with this book. Probably Job lived after the flood, but before Abram, the father of our faith. Notice that back then people also realized that there was God. God also appointed people for Himself. They pondered, wondered and checked how things were going. This man, Job, lived in the land of Uz.

Job 1, 1-3: “And that man was blameless, upright, fearing God and turning away from evil. Seven sons and three daughters were born to him. His possessions were seven thousand sheep, three thousand camels, five hundred yoke of oxen, five hundred female donkeys, and very many servants; and that man was the greatest of all the men of the east.”

First, we read that this man was fearing God, turning away from evil, blameless and upright. This man was such not when he had so many goods. This man was fearing God before. It wasn’t wealth that made him feel so grand to do certain things towards God. The fact that he was with God made that when he became affluent, it didn’t control his heart because his heart was protected by the fact that he walked in piety and righteousness before God’s face. God made him prosperous because he was a righteous man. He had so much because he belonged to God. Let’s see, what words did he say when his wealth was taken from him? Was Job addicted to what he possessed? No. He, as the righteous man, got it from God and it was taken away from him as the righteous man. He said:

The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Despite all this, Job did not sin, nor did he blame God.” (Job 1, 21)

“Since God gave and has taken away, it’s His decision, but I’m fearing God. I turn away from evil, not because He gave it to me, but because He is God.”

Not because I have a lot now, so now my God is “cool” and when I don’t have anything, my God is no longer nice. Job possessed so much that probably neither of us will possess that much and then so much has been taken away from him that that much won’t be taken away from any of us. In this experience, Job turned out to be a winner because he walked with God and he didn’t do it for what was visible to his eyes. Job was never addicted to external things. His heart wasn’t happier when he possessed and when he didn’t possess, it wasn’t unhappy. It was just as real when he possessed and also when he didn’t possess. Many people had a fortune because they earned it through injustice, fraud, lies and thefts. Job got it from God as did Solomon when he asked: “God, give me wisdom to judge your people”.

This is very important for me and you to remember that there is God and for this God I want to do what pleases Him. Job knew he was created by God who sees everything. Job knew that when his children – sons and daughters – played together, God saw it. He sees everything. Job didn’t see what was happening there, but he knew there was God who saw everything, so he made sacrifices in case his children did something wrong. Therefore, Job cared about himself, about his children and about his house so that this house would belong to God and so that God could always come to his house. As the psalmist said: “I will walk in the innocence of my heart so that You might come to me.” Job praised God and he practiced it. He walked in the innocence of his heart so that God might always come to his house. This man cared about his entire house, including what belonged to that house. Certainly, his animals also experienced that they were looked after by a righteous man, as we read. None of the animals had ever experienced a freak was in control of them. When Job sheared his sheep, he said: “A poor man didn’t lack the clothes of my sheep.” Job was able to make clothes of wool from shorn sheep for a poor man who couldn’t afford such clothes. He used his animals to help the poor. He didn’t use what God had given him for himself.

Job knew how to use it. He was like a steward who disposes well of wealth that God has given him. Many poor people made use of coming to Job. Many widows received help from him. Later on, in the New Testament, we can read that God appreciates when you care for a widow or an orphan. Job practiced it back then. Job walked before God’s face with piety and respect. Yet, there wasn’t any written book that we have now and Job walked with God. Job praised God in the same ways as he got to know Him. He got to know God who made the storm. He got to know God who made rain, sun, moon, stars, wind and water. He got to know God who gives health to a man. He also got to know the disease that destroyed a man and that took him from earth.

Job knew that the consequence of desertion was death and that’s why he was very careful. He believed that it’s good to be with God and receive many things not only on earth. He already knew what the apostle Paul said, i.e. if you pin your hopes on Jesus Christ only on these earthly things, you are the most piteous man because you have to pin your hopes on heavenly things. Job already pinned his hopes on what was to happen later. That’s why, he guarded and made sure to achieve a goal about the future that he knew would happen. Job tried to be kind not only on earth. He knew he wanted to be with God forever. Job is a good example also for us – the living – to care about others. He would be the perfect brother for the elder of the congregation. If he lived in the time of the New Testament, he could definitely be the elder of the congregation who would transfer his feelings, kindness that he had for his family and the concern for the sanctity of his home to the congregation. Everyone who had the possibility to meet Job met a part of God. Job didn’t take credit for himself. He praised God for who he was. This is what the apostle Paul also said: “What am I, by the grace of God I am”.

We can say that Job walked gloriously before God’s face in many things. That’s why, God put him to the test. It can be surprising for us that God puts to the test a man like Job. As we reread the Book of Job and when we browse through it, let’s look at Job in particular and at his statements. Probably, we will talk less about his friends’ statements than about his statements. Later, we will look at what God said and at the end of this suffering. We know the Book of Job, but we need also to know the life that this man lived. We need to know how much his heart was afraid not to neglect any issue that he knew God liked or to remove what God didn’t like. His life was noble and we can see the Spirit of Christ in it. We can see a man who will go through some experiences that he doesn’t know about. However, we – the living – know who experienced the most on earth. Job begins to cost from something more that he has no idea about at the moment. Job begins to cost from Christ’s life. This Christ’s life had already existed in him, so he could pass the test. God put him to the test. Job accepted it.

Notice that when the devil pleaded to attack Job, it wasn’t without God’s plan. God has a plan. Note that it was God who said: “Have you paid attention to my servant Job?” It was God who said that. God knew that the devil paid attention to Job. After all, he was a man who irritated the devil on earth. Job obeyed God and he didn’t listen to the devil’s promptings. He followed God’s plans for his life as he understood it. He cared about purity, about walking with God, about people and about his animals.

“Have you paid attention to my servant Job?” Of course, the devil paid attention to him. “Well, ok, but would Job be such a person if you took away it all from him?” God is the one who decided: Job will be put to the test and the instrument that will put Job to the test will be Satan – a fierce enemy, ready to do whatever he can to destroy a man.

Finally, the Son of God comes to earth and this enemy also goes against Jesus Christ. He begins a huge battle to tempt Jesus and keep Him from the will of the Father. And this enemy is allowed to attack Job. See what mechanisms are activated by him. When the messengers, who talk about what happened, come to Job, we can observe the confusion: “people killed”, “God killed”. The devil confuses the messages to Job to say: “See, God and people are against you.” First, an army beat, then fire fell from heaven, then again an army beat and a windstorm fell from heaven – “God and people are against you, Job – you have lost”. The devil wants to convince Job that God is his enemy and that people are against him as well. “You are left alone. Are you ready to fight?” Job was certainly attacked with many thoughts. It wasn’t that he was just hit and nothing else happened. His main thought, that was on his heart all the time, was that he belongs to God no matter what.

Job wins the battle with the devil by giving himself to this situation. It was something the devil didn’t expect. Job says:

“The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.”

Job didn’t sin, but we know that the devil was allowed to attack what Job got. (…)



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Zatwardziałość serca - HARDNESS OF HEART

Biblical teaching about the heads of men and women in the Church.

Biblical teaching about the heads of men and women in the Church.

What, according to the Apostle Paul, is a sign of submission to God's order while praying and prophesying in the congregation, as well as in a daily Christian living?


I think many would like to know the biblical answer to the question whether Christian woman in the church or outside of the congregation, should  impose on head an object which will be covering  her head, or as others say: covering her  hair? Whether it is enough when her hair is falling down on her neck? If it is a biblical question, there must be also a biblical answer. Let`s think, how would looks like the teaching about turning the other cheek  if teacher by his own would not  show, how it should be (see Matt. 5, 39 and John 18, 22.23). Correct understanding of each place from  the Bible, thus this one as well,  depends on the sincere listening to the Only Teacher, Jesus Christ. I would like to indicate that the ap. Paul was brought up, on the teachings of the Old Testament. However, as a disciple of Jesus Christ, and for that as a wise householder (see Matt. 13, 52), he was using firstly the New Testament, and based on a relevant cautions  for certain topic, also from the Old Testament, as in the case of: I Cor. 9, 3-10  “(…)or saith not the law the same also?(…)”. So we need to, knowing ap. Paul, check the roots of the teaching about covering  head by a Christian woman while praying or prophesying. I'm surprised that we are reaching the Bible with such a small eagerness to find other places touching this subject, and despite that  conclusions are drawn conclusions which, according to certain teacher,  have to decide whether a sister is godly or godless. The teacher, Jesus Christ, when on the road to Emmaus he was talking with his disciples, he said to them: ”Then he said unto them, O fools, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken, Ought not Christ to have suffered these things, and to enter into his glory? And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, he expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself.(…) And they said one to another, Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures?” (Luk. 24, 25-27 and 32 KJV). While talking, he was opening the Scriptures before them. Well, let’s  listen to Him, how He will open the Scriptures in matter, with which we will be dealing now.

In the following considerations I shall mainly  deal with that, what it is covering and for what  is it  used,  I will not  deal with the whole  writing of ap. Paul's  about brothers and sisters from 11 Chapter , 1 Corinthians, verses from 1- 16.

Therefore, I will return to biblical teaching. First, let`s think, how God has solved the problem of covering the head, as sign of Nazarite. In Numbers  chapter 6, verses 1 to 21, we read:

“And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, When either man or woman shall separate themselves to vow a vow of a Nazarite, to separate themselves unto the LORD, (…)All the days of the vow of his separation there shall no rasor come upon his head: until the days be fulfilled, in the which he separateth himself unto the LORD, he shall be holy, and shall let the locks of the hair of his head grow(…)because the consecration of his God is upon his head(…)”[[1]]

What then was the sign of Nazarite? Longer hair. How Long? Such ,that you could see the difference between consecrated to the LORD, and unconsecrated. Hair length was therefore depending to the duration of the consecration to God. When the time has passed, the sign had to be removed from the head by shaving.

Let us turn our attention to another fragment from Numbers  5, 11-31:

“(…)the priest shall set the woman before the LORD, and uncover the woman's head, (in other translations:  let[the hair of]headgoloose, unbind the hair [[2]]) and put the offering of memorial in her hands, which is the jealousy offering: and the priest shall have in his hand the bitter water that causeth the curse: And the priest shall charge her by an oath, and say unto the woman, If no man have lain with thee, and if thou hast not gone aside to uncleanness with another instead of thy husband, be thou free from this bitter water that causeth the curse: But if thou hast gone aside to another instead of thy husband (…) And this water that causeth the curse shall go into thy bowels, to make thy belly to swell, and thy thigh to rot: And the woman shall say, Amen, amen.(…)” [[3]]

What should a priest do when a woman stands before God with the offering of memorial in her hands and has to answer for  the words of the priest: Amen, amen? According to many he should cover her head with some covering (Greek 'peribolaion' – covering, garment, clothes), but the priest, instructed by God, is unbinding her hair to freely falling down.

Is this a Biblical commandment, very important to clarify the words written by apostle Paul, or just giving us nothing, description of priestly activities?

The Apostle Paul, in another place writes: “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.”[ [4]] Thus, the Sacred Scripture is an inspired work, and not our human speculation (supposition).

Apostle Paul was very familiar with these places from the Bible. No wonder, then, that while arranging things in God's church, he also raised the issue of coming before God by brothers and sisters. The New Covenant is also a new order of assembling, other than in the Old Covenant. Christians from the beginning are gathering in their homes, so brothers and sisters are there together. (Acts. 1, 12-14)

Coming back to the place of 1 Corinthians Chapter 11, we can see that ap. Paul uses two different words concerning appearance of the sisters heads while praying (cover and clothing):

v. 13: “Judge in yourselves: is it comely that a woman pray unto God uncovered (uncovered gr. ’akatakaluptos’:  ‘a’ – un-, without; ‘kata’ - against, down from, throughout; 'kalupto' - I veil, hide, conceal)  [ [5]]?[ [6]]

Something from above is moved down to as well cover that , what is below, Solomon wrote like that: “Behold, thou art fair, my love; behold, thou art fair; thou hast doves' eyes within thy locks: thy hair is as a flock of goats, that appear from mount Gilead.” (Song of Solomon 4:1, KJV). Hair descending down make a woman in the congregation, in a visible manner, ready, according to biblical teaching, to pray or to prophesy. A woman, for the will of God, has hair always with her, because they are part of her self. She was created along with them when no one else ever thought about any headscarf. Did not the Creator has highlighted the difference between a man and a woman from the beginning and that is why you can see it,  in the midst of the entire human race, as if "by nature"? Hence the apostle Paul teaches that believers should use this difference, when they pray to God (1 Cor. 11, 13-15). We can see, after all, that a woman has hair more protected from a man, so often you see bald and balding men, but very rarely a bald woman. The Creator made ​​her very well, and called her "woman". Man called her "woman" ( Gen. 2, 18-24). In the book of Revelation we read: " And they had hair as the hair of women, (...)" (Revelation 9, 8a. KJV). Similarity was used, cause they have as long hair as a woman.


and in v. 15: “But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering. ( gr. peribolaiou’ – covering, mantle, veil).” [ [7]]


In other translations of the Bible, this verse is written like below:


WB - but if a woman nourish long hair, it is glory to her, for hairs be given to

her for covering. [ [8]]

TB - and a praise to a woman if she have long hair? For her hair is given her to cover her withal. [ [9]]

D-R B - But if a woman nourish her hair, it is a glory to her; for her hair is given to her for a covering. [ [10]]

KJV 2000 - But if a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering. [ [11]]

ERV - But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering. [ [12]]

NLT - And isn't long hair a woman's pride and joy? For it has been given to her as a covering. [ [13]]

YLT - and a woman, if she have long hair, a glory it is to her, because the hair instead of a covering hath been given to her; [ [14]]


So we see that instead of the word "for, as" is used " instead".  The Greek word 'anti' in KJV  is translated "for", and in the Greek-English Dictionary - " instead, in the place of".[[15]]
I am quoting these Greek words just because, to make more clearer the argument for the fact that the hair are given instead of covering i.e.  instead of something which is not a part of the same woman, for example, instead of shawl, headscarf, etc.  Therefore, there were used two different words: covering - clothing. Let her covers the covering, which are her own hair.


Verse 6: “For if the woman be not covered, let her also be shorn: but if it be a shame for a woman to be shorn or shaven, let her be covered.” [[16]] If a shameful thing for a woman is to be cropped or shaved, it is also wrong to stand before God with hair wrapped or plaited. And it is because that God wants women to pray to Him in the spirit of modesty and restraint.


Apostle Paul also in 1 Timothy (2:8-10) writes about the appearance of a woman's head during a meeting, at which the brothers while praying should lift up clean hands, and women should inter alia “adorn…not with broided hair” [[17]]Used in this place Greek word 'plegmasin' is translated into English as " what is woven, plaited, or twisted together; a web, plait, braid"[[18]]


Pay attention to another very important element of teaching of the Apostle Paul about the head of a woman during the congregation. It was given to Timothy,  to teach this in congregations meeting in any place. When we connect this passage with the teaching contained in the Epistle to the Corinthians, the idea of Apostole Paul will be brighten up for us , and thereby we will more easily understand him. We see that also in this apostolic teaching there is no  mention about headscarf or something similar to that. Thus, a woman should not have  at the time of congregation meeting hair wrapped, intertwined or plaited, but falling freely down.


Apostle Paul, in all these places, as well as Moses (Numbers 5, 18 KJV) describing  the appearance of a woman's head during prayer, is indicating that her hair should be freely falling down.


In addition, this passage about power and angels: “For this cause ought the woman to have power on her head because of the angels.” ( 1 Cor. 11,10 KJV). In the Young's Literal Translation word „power” has been translated as „a token of authority”. We understand that having a power over ourselfs is not tantamount to the fact that we are totally submitted to it in all. Apostle Paul is writting about God`s order lik that: „But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.”(1 Cor. 11,3 KJV). We know for sure that Jesus Christ is fully submitted to the power of the Father. Worse is shown in the case  of submission man to Jesus Christ and a woman to a man. If the point would be just a  sign of submission, then only Jesus Christ could be able to wear it on Himself. The point is therefore  about the order of God, in recognition of the authority of God over all and through all who have received it  from God. Who does not accept that, alone, also will be not accepted.


Take for example a CEO in a large company, whose will toward all employees, is transferred to those who are closest to his position, i.e. the directors of the various departments in the company. And they shall transfer, this CEO`s will, not their own will, as a task to all managers with production project confirmed by the CEO.  Managers, in the unchanged way, have to convey that to masters, masters to shift leaders, these are transferring that to production workers. And so,  no way changed, the authority of CEO, expressed in his ordinances and saved in a project must reach out to all of his employees. The practical implementation of these regulations will be found out in the production fruits. If everything run out in a submission to the authority of CEO, then what he purposed, will be implemented by the done work. What does the director, when he sees that the product is not such that he wanted to have? Will he not start looking for the culprit? And what if the product will be exactly how he wanted? He will definitely be satisfied and willing to grant the award.

The order of God in the hierarchy of authority is a condition to maintain the Church in Christ, and through Christ in God. God reigns over Christ Jesus, Jesus Christ reigns over a man, and a man reigns over a woman. When everyone, i.e., Jesus Christ and the  man submit entirely to the authority of their head, who reign over a woman? The answer is one: God And it is God's order, which is ensured by the Spirit of God. God's authority is the power of truth, love, holiness, justice, faithfulness, i.e. the saving authority. Outward sign of this authority  hierarchy are "short  hair", i.e. shorn hair in men case and "long hair", i.e. not shorn in men style,  in a woman case. In prayer, Jesus pronounced these words: “As thou hast given him power over all flesh, that he should give eternal life to as many as thou hast given him.” ( John 17,2 KJV). So also on our body should be revealed His authority over our bodies. And this sign of the body, which apostle Paul dealt with , is hair of a man and of a woman. How good it is, when the order of authority is maintained at every level among the people of God. Let`s then imitate God, having the power of God, let`s  serve to our subordinate  in their experiences, remaining in compliance with the will of God, according to his order.


Let`s think about that why apostle Paul writes, that it is supposed to be done also for angels.

The Angels, who have not violated the order of the God`s  authority, are watching us outwardly, and for them precisely, the length of hair on the head of a man and a woman praying and prophesying, is an external sign of recognition order of God`s authority. Of course, the angels also look at the fruit of the Spirit in us, but here Paul is talking about hair. The angels of God are not trying to get inside of the man, as demons, but they are waiting, totally belonging to God, to the visible fruit of the action of God in man, and they are rejoicing seeing us agreeing with the authority of God over us. “ (…)which things the angels desire to look into.” ( 1 Peter 1,12 KJV), and great unveiling of the secret God's plan: “Unto me, who am less than the least of all saints, is this grace given, that I should preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ; And to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God, who created all things by Jesus Christ: To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God, According to the eternal purpose which he purposed in Christ Jesus our Lord: In whom we have boldness and access with confidence by the faith of him.” ( Eph. 3,8-12 KJV). Angels admire the new humanity of man and woman, living longer no thanks to themselves, but thanks to Jesus Christ in God's order, as subjects with gratitude to his power.


Then Apostle Paul is saying; “Judge in yourselves”, in other words, I am humanly speaking to you now, that you will well understand this, because in this are hidden powerful spiritual values​​, but now I judge this according to the flesh, and thus judge ye yourselves and recognize, this what I say to you, "Doth not even nature itself " - means the entire fleshly history from Adam and Eve to the present times " teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him? , But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her?’.  The translators use the word "nature", “instinct”  and "innate tendency" and these words point us to Adam and Eve as the first fruits of humanity. The Firstfruits shows us the order, because God created them to be very good in the flesh and in the likeness of His.


Apostle Paul says that if a woman does not use correctly the covering, she should take it off by a haircut or shave. Does the material object, in this case often used headscarf, could be shaved? Apostle Paul taught about it and that he cared about,  to especially during the meeting of the congregation, it was clear that the man is "the image and glory of God", and about that testified his shorn ' not long "hair. It should, therefore, be seen, obstructed by nothing. The woman whereas is "the glory of man" and it should be visible at the meeting. Nothing should cover it. In her case sign of that are her “long” hair. A sign, worn at the meeting by a man and a woman should be thus visible, if it has to fulfill its mission.



So standing to pray or prophesy according to the recognized authority, is shown by the view of man and woman head, which is visible length of our hair. It was a case that dealt with apostle Paul writing these words, and that has been resolved, for all generations of Christians.


Thus, comparing with each other passages from the Old and New Testament on the subject "What really should be covering, which covers a sister? Whether a man can have hair on his head as they should have a woman? "- I try to base my faith on the Word of God taken from the whole Scripture. Because after all a mirror for every believer who wants to know the truth about himself, is the Word of God, not his own understanding that often results from religion or culture in which they live. The Word of God is the foundation of faith, not guesses, even if they were called convictions.


Apostle Paul in Romans 14, 23, wrote: “(…) for whatsoever is not of faith is sin.”[[19]]

“So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” [[20]].


I undertook this topic, not to argue, but to refer the matter to the source. Let the Word of God decide, not our conjectures or tradition. Brothers and sisters, covering the head with headscarf or hair will not make the sister holy. She is holy just by living  of Holy Spirit in her, manifested in the fruit of living Jesus Christ in her ( 1 Peter 3.3-4). That what she use to cover depends on her cognition, but let her do it in love and not in making herself great. Let us remember that knowledge puffs up, but charity edifies, and apostle Paul wrote this, in the same letter, in which he undertook the topic of covering heads by women and the prohibition of covering heads by me ( 1 Cor. 8,1). It is very good to have a proper knowledge of the Word of God and live in harmony with this Word, but if you have incomplete knowledge, you should live according to the cognition which you have currently, may it only be based on the Word of God. Knowledge is always the result of the work of the Word of God in the believer. Being obedient to God, in whatever we know from Scripture, you can be sure that He Himself will help you further to grow in understanding and discipleship of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Lord Jesus said: “(…) To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.” ( John 18,37b KJV), and “ (…)If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” ( John 8, 31b. 32 KJV). Those from Berea “(…)  in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.”  (Acts 17,11 KJV).


At the end I would like to remind instruction from the Letter of James: “Who is a wise man and endued with knowledge among you? let him shew out of a good conversation his works with meekness of wisdom. But if ye have bitter envying and strife in your hearts, glory not, and lie not against the truth. This wisdom descendeth not from above, but is earthly, sensual, devilish. For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace.” ( Jac. 3,13-18 KJV).


Let us imitate the good not evil.


I greet opponents and agreeing, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Your brother in Jesus Christ.

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